Tips and tricks for a fantastic formal


Photo Credit: Nancy Walz

My freshman year formal date and I smiling awkwardly as our moms take pictures.

Elena Walz, Editor-in-Chief

With winter formal just around the corner, plans for dresses, dinner, and pictures are well underway! As a seasoned veteran not only of winter formal but of all Rosary/Servite dances, let me offer some friendly advice on how to have the best possible experience.

  1. Don’t worry about having a date

Honestly, everyone hypes up the idea of being asked with a dramatic poster, but it’s not necessary at all. Sometimes, if you aren’t very close with your date, it can even be more awkward than going stag! In my experience, dances are the most fun when you’re comfortable and happy with the people around you, whether that means having a date or not.

  1. Plan your outfit around YOUR style

I cannot stress this one enough. It is so easy to be pressured into buying a dress that isn’t quite your style because it’s all you could find at Windsor. Let me make one thing clear: if you are uncomfortable sitting down in it, it’s not the dress for you. There are so many dresses out there that will suit your style, budget, and compliment your features. Just keep an open mind and find something that makes you love the way you look!

  1. Bring tennis shoes

I have personal trauma related to this one. Dancing barefoot is never a good idea. Sophomore year at homecoming, I braved the mosh pit sans shoes and was impaled by a stiletto within minutes. Then, last summer, I swing danced for four hours barefoot and was left with painful blisters on both of my feet. Sure, they might not match your dress perfectly, but trust me, closed toed, comfortable shoes are the way to go.

  1. Have fun with your pictures location

One of the biggest parts of school dances is taking group pictures before the dance. There are many beautiful, scenic locations around Yorba Linda, so finding one that fits the needs of your group should not be difficult. Keep in mind things like the time of sunset, centrality to the dance location, and ease of everyone in your party to get there.

  1. Embrace the music

The only way to have fun is to decide you’re going to have fun. Ridiculing the DJ for not playing a certain song is wasting time that could be spent laughing and jumping around with your friends, so make the most of it! Even if you don’t know the words, just enjoy the feeling of the music being so loud, you can feel it resonating in your ribcage. What more can you ask from a high school dance?

  1. Try expanding your group

Yes, dancing with your closest friends is amazing and arguably something Rosary girls are remarkably good at, but it can also be fun to float around wherever you see a familiar face and dance with them for a bit. Who knows, maybe you’ll even find the man of your dreams? Your eyes will meet from across the dance floor, you’ll move towards one another as if in a daze while Ed Sheeran plays softly in the background, and BOOM! guaranteed prom date.

Royals, if you take anything from this, I hope it’s that dances are a quintessential part of high school that should be enjoyed to their fullest potential. Once you’ve arrived, have a blast, stay safe, and make some memories!