Power Grads

Rosary grads make their mark in theatre and local politics

Dr. Langdon, Adviser

On Friday, October 4th we celebrated Rosary Day. Alumnae from Orange County and beyond descended on the campus, joining us for mass, listening to Mr Stegink’s keynote speech, and perhaps, most importantly, taking part in the sacred ceremony of the rings.

While they chatted it up before and after the ceremony, these alumnae also shared some hard-earned wisdom about the world beyond Rosary walls. It’s impossible for one royal to have taken part in all these conversations, so the Royal Reporter brings you the next best thing: this “Power Grads” issue. Here we feature three recent Rosary grads (and one Mater Dei alumna) who are shaking things up in the worlds of education, local politics, and theatre. Most of these women are too busy, or have traveled too far to attend Rosary Day. But they too, have wisdom to share (even if one of them is wearing stage makeup).

Alumna Molly Renze performs in Sockhop on Saturn. Photo by Molly Renze.

Kicking off this collection is Isabella Tejeda ’20‘s profile of the youngest female mayor in U.S. history, Yorba Linda mayor Tara Campbell ’11.

Next up: Allison Perea ’20 and Hayley Johnson ’20 bring you two fresh faces from the theatre world: Molly Renze ’18 and Sierra Warner ’18, who are continuing their theatre studies at CSUF and Fullerton College, respectively.

Me choosing Rosary was a big deal . . . [E]veryone had a ton of fun and got to be themselves. Also, it was small enough that you could really get a lot of opportunities. ”

— Tara Campbell

Finally, Alicia Ventura ’21 brings us the inside scoop on our own dean, Colleen Nanry, who talks about her journey from wannabe astronaut to the fierce dean we know today.

Looking beyond these Power Grads, the Royal Reporter hits a few hot-button issues this week: Whitney Deubler ’20 addresses the longer lunch line (while praising the new food) and Riley Hawkins ’20 raises questions about the Homecoming dress code.

We hope that, like the juniors at Rosary Day, you leave this edition of the Royal Reporter wiser than you came.


Dr. Langdon

Fall 2019 Royal Reporter Adviser