Knees? No Thank You!

Knees? No Thank You!

Riley Hawkins, Staff Writer

Homecoming season usually fills the air with nervousness and excitement; but this 2019, Homecoming season brings a flood of different emotions over the dispute of the dress code. This year, the bar for dresses has been raised- or, rather, lowered. For this year’s dresses, the dress code requirement went from three inches above the knee to knee length.

Junior Brooke Edwards voiced her opinion on the matter: “Me and my friends don’t really mind the dress code change. We know that the dance will still be fun and it doesn’t matter what we’re wearing, as long as we’re together.” But not too many of our Royals are excited about this change. Senior Angela Magallon expressed her concerns: “It’s harder to find dresses that are at that length because the brands we use to buy dresses form don’t really make dresses that long. And if they do they’re ugly. But it should be easier for me because I’m short.” Girls are searching high and low for appropriate dresses. Senior Megan Kendall stated: “The dress code change is deterring a lot of girls from even going to Homecoming all together. People are saying they don’t want to look like nuns.” Some girls think the change is so ridiculous that it’s not even worth going to the dance.

A possible Homecoming outfit. Photo by Sophia Lmabros.

Girls argue that the dresses are going to be longer than their skirt for school, but that argument is not very strategic because the guidelines for the uniforms might become stricter with the furthering of this argument.

Ms. Nanry explained to the Royal Reporter that if they set the dress code at three inches above the knee, then the majority will go six to eight. If they set the dress code at knee length, then majority will go two to three inches above the knee, which will get approved. She also emphasized how she wants to be flexible and work with the girls, but she has rules to follow too and it’s her job to enforce them.

All of Molly Farrell’s ’21 reactions to the new dress code. Photo by Riley Hawkins.

Homecoming is creeping closer and closer, and so is the dress check due date. Some Royals are not only deterred by the dress length, but also the fact that they have to do dress checks in the first place, as other schools do not have to turn in pictures of their dresses. Junior Paige Sokol relayed to the Royal Reporter that: “Whenever I mention dress checks to my friends from other schools, they always look super confused. When I explain what dress checks are, they are appalled. Their schools are so much more relaxed.” Ms. Nanry also agrees that the dress checks are an odd job to have, and she inherited the job. She did not come up with it.

The upperclasswomen, more experienced Homecoming-goers, expressed their opinion that outside guests have been the ones breaking the dress code not only at Homecoming but also Prom, not our holistic Royals. But whatever the complaint is, the dress code is still staying the same. Hopefully our Royals will be successful in their dress endeavors.