Switching Up Lunch


Whitney Deubler, Staff Writer

Lunch Options from September 26th Photo by Whitney Deubler

By now, every returning student at Rosary Academy knows that over the summer, Rosary hired a new meal team. With all kinds of new options for lunch and breakfast, this new food service has become extremely popular among the Rosary students.

These options range from tacos and smoothies for lunch, to hash browns and coffee for breakfast. One senior says, “I really like it [the new food service]. There’s a lot more variety now. There’s now a lot to choose from.”

Quick Options Photo by Whitney Deubler

The most popular items are the breakfast bowls and the iced coffee. “I love that we have breakfast now, and the coffee really helps keep me stay awake throughout the day,” a sophomore says. Breakfast was not available with the prior service, and is a big hit now that it’s available. A student explains,”I used to not eat breakfast, but now I can.”

Overall, the student body really enjoys the new food. “It’s much better than the old service” a senior, who has always bought lunch, explains. But with every new change, no matter how amazing of a change it may be, there will always be some issues.

The biggest issues that have been brought to the Royal Reporter’s attention are, the lack of microwaves and the wait for lunch or snack during break.

The administration is doing everything they can to fix the issues that have been brought to their attention by the student body, having meetings to figure out what they can do to fix all problems.

Students waiting and trying to figure out the line Photo by Whitney Deubler

They want everything to become easier on our staff and the student body, because with the exceptions of the few problems brought to the administration’s attention, many students enjoy the changes. “The food is a big one. I love the food so much. And the people there are so nice,” says a freshman.

While the problems are being sorted out, if you’re down in the lunch line getting food, make sure to be nice and say hello to the staff serving and helping you. They work extraordinarily hard for the students of Rosary and deserve your appreciation. Using manners and being kind goes a long way.