Catching Up With Sierra Warner


Hayley Johnson, Staff Writer

Sierra Warner ‘18 was a shining star in Rosary’s community, constantly displaying her talent, smarts, and most importantly, her warm, kind, welcoming personality. She thrived on the Servite stage, rising to the challenges presented to her and giving raw, beautiful performances in shows like Bye Bye Birdie and Into the Woods, where she took center stage. Upon leaving Rosary, she was absolutely sure that she wanted to continue her acting career in college and beyond. So where is she now?

Sierra and a butterfly at the OC Fair. Photo by Madison Guzman.

Sierra — in her freshman year at Fullerton College alone — has blown us away with her hard work, dedication, and breathtaking performances. “Since high school,” she shared, “I have been auditioning, I’ve acted in college for a couple plays, and I’m a full-time student at Fullerton College with a part-time job at Cornerstone Reporting.” On top of all this, she is constantly taking time to prepare to transfer to Loyola Marymount University in her junior year and for her eventual life and career in Los Angeles. “There have been lots of sleepless nights of rehearsal and pages of homework, but all of it has been a step closer to reaching my dreams.”

Sierra posing with her Theatre Department 2019 Most Promising Actress Award. Photo by Rochelle Garcia.

Sierra is an asset to the Fullerton College drama program, taking time to volunteer as an actress for short plays written by students in her class, being encouraged by her directors to continue to audition for this year’s productions, and even being the recipient of the Fullerton College Theatre Department 2019 Most Promising Actress Award. Through all this, Sierra remains as humble and kind as she was in her time at Rosary. “Sierra was like a big sister to all of us at Tri-School,” Juliana Maldonado ‘20 said, “and she continues to play that role for a lot of us. We can’t wait until the next time she pays a visit to the theater.”

One of Sierra’s lovely headshots. Photo by Thea Valerie.

Sierra is an overwhelmingly talented actress, and a kind, loving person to everyone she meets. Be sure to make it out to Fullerton College’s production of The Scarlet Letter this October 10th through the 12th to see Sierra’s talent for yourself.