Top three “Twilight” movies

Layla Langrell, Staff Writer

The “Twilight” saga is the most influential movie series ever made. The movie was made almost 15 years ago and is still very popular—it reaches past the bounds of time. Any small inconvenience in my life results in me watching them again.

And yes, these movies are horribly cheesy and not of good quality, but the casting is literal perfection. Robert Patterson, Taylor Lautner, and Kristen Stewart rule over my life and make these movies ten times better.

 There are a total of five movies: “Twilight,” “New Moon,” “Eclipse,” “Breaking Dawn: Part 1,” and “Breaking Down: Part 2.”

 The best movie in the entire “Twilight” saga is, hands down, “New Moon.” This is the second one and also the best one. It is the definition of perfection. The soundtrack really brings the movie together. During the sad-Bella-montage, the soundtrack and cinematography really make me feel things. No matter how many times I watch it, I cry every single time. This was also Taylor Lautner’s best acting. He really embodies the spirit of an angry emo wolf.

Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely Team Edward, but “New Moon” almost makes me Team Jacob. I asked Emma Silva ’23, a fellow Twilight watcher, about her opinions on “New Moon” and she said, “‘New Moon’ is my favorite. It is the perfect sequel. I think it has the best soundtrack in the whole saga and is a really cool continuation of Bella and Edward as characters.”

 “Twilight” is the second best and the movie that started it all. This movie is iconic in many ways. It paved the way for the rest of the “Twilight” Saga. It has the perfect mix of romantic comedy and thriller. The baseball scene is always playing in the back of my head. The music in this movie is a perfect match, and the slow-motion filming is a key part of this scene. Caela Cabal ’23 says, “The first ‘Twilight’ movie has set the precedent for my cinematic expectations. Since the ripe age of eight, I have always been and always will be Team Edward. I have yet to watch a movie that will take the place of ‘Twilight’ in my heart. I have begun to think that such a movie (outside of the ‘Twilight’ Saga) does not exist.” The entire movie also has a blueish tint that really sets the scene and perfectly captures the essence of awkward teen vampires. 

 The third best movie is “Breaking Dawn: Part 1.” The best thing in this entire movie that carries it all the way to third place is the wedding scene. The costuming, acting, music, scenery—it all is perfect. Emma Fredman ’23 says, “‘Breaking Dawn: Part 1’ is my favorite movie because I love the wedding scene. It’s a perfect mixture of elegance and cottage core. The setting of the woods is perfect, and the wedding dress is amazing, with its simple beauty of silk and lace details in the back.”

I desperately need to own Bella’s wedding dress. This dress makes up for her atrocious prom dress in the first movie. The wedding takes place in the woods with hanging white flowers all around and logs as seats. I want to live there and never leave. If my wedding is there, I can die knowing I lived a successful life.

 The “Twilight” saga is amazing, and I can watch these three movies over and over again. Even though “New Moon” is my favorite, there is something to love about all of them!