Oh the places they’re going


Rosary seniors are ready for college! (Photo provided by Evelyn LeVecke)

Evelyn M LeVecke, Staff Writer

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Earlier this school year, I wrote the article, “Oh the places they’ll maybe go,” which consisted of Rosary Seniors making college predictions. Let’s just say that only two were accurate. Now that National Decision Day (May 1) has passed, here are the results of some of their predictions.

First, we have Daly Holman ‘22. Daly thought that she would be attending Ole Miss in the fall of 2022 and could’ve sworn she could see herself moving to Oxford, Mississippi. As time went on and she gained more acceptances,

Daly Holman ’22 sporting her University of Tennessee gear. (Photo Provided by Daly Holman)

she realized that Ole Miss might not be the best fit for her. Although Ole Miss is a great school, she wanted to explore similar horizons. After a long and thought-out process, Daly fell in love with the University of Tennessee. Daly said, “It was my seventh college visit on a long road trip with my Mom. To be honest, I didn’t want to even go on the tour at all because I was miserable but after a good convo with my Uber driver, I stepped onto campus, and it felt like home.”

Next, we have Brooke Kizziar ‘22. Brooke said she could 100% see herself attending Grand Canyon University and after that article was published, she committed to GCU a few weeks later. Brooke stated, “I ended up choosing GCU because of their stellar business program and their overall environment. I am also lucky enough to have a group of friends going to GCU, so I am not afraid to move out to Phoenix in the fall.” Brooke is beyond excited to attend GCU and study Sports and Entertainment Management, and she cannot wait to see where this path will take her. Lopes up!

Brooke Kizziar ’22 is ready to move to Phoenix! (Photo Provided by Brooke Kizziar)

Senior Anna DiCrisi discussed how her childhood dream was to attend UCLA. She grew up in the UCLA community and was super excited to see what her life would be like as a Bruin. As the school year went on, the rival school, USC, began to spark her interest. Anna said, “I never thought I would end up going to the rival school of UCLA, but I am super excited for the next years as a Trojan. Fight on!” Anna will be working towards her degree in English and is excited for her next four years as a Trojan.

Elena Walz ‘22 has a different kind of college decision story. Elena only applied to one school. After visiting Thomas Aquinas College in the summer, she fell in love with the Catholic presence and academically rigorous school in Santa Paula, California. Elena said, “If I could marry this school, I would. Thomas Aquinas College had everything I was looking for and that’s why I chose it so quickly.” Elena is super excited to be moving to Santa Paula in the fall and is happy to be going to school with the friends she has made within the community.

Lastly, Kim Gallo ‘22 predicted that she would be attending UC Riverside in the fall. As the school year passed, she decided that UC Riverside wasn’t precisely the school for her. Ultimately, she has decided to attend Cal Poly Pomona, and she is super happy with her final decision. Kim said, “My final decision for college is to attend Cal Poly Pomona for the next four years of my life since I got accepted into the Nutritional program, and the campus is really green and beautiful.” Congratulations Kim!

Kim Gallo ’22 is ready to be a Bronco! (Photo Provided by Kim Gallo)

As you can see, only two out of five of our predictions were correct in the end. Congratulations to all the seniors of Rosary Academy, and good luck in the following school year!