Oh the places they’ll maybe go


Brooke Kizziar ’22 visiting GCU’s campus. Photo provided by Brooke Kizziar.

Evelyn LeVecke and Elizabeth Martinez

As seniors begin the intimidating college application process, they can’t help but wonder where they will end up in the following year.

While early admissions deadlines rise to the present day, some seniors have already submitted their applications to various schools. Daly Holman ‘22 submitted her college application to Ole Miss on Sept.13 and can see herself moving to Oxford, Mississippi in the fall of 2022.

Brooke Kizziar ‘22 is also completing her college applications, which includes Boise State University and Grand Canyon University. When asked where she hopes to end up, Brooke said she 100% sees herself attending GCU; she went on to say,” When I toured GCU, I instantly fell in love with the campus and the overall environment. I felt as if I was already connected to the college.”

Anna DiCrisi ‘22 spoke on her lifelong dream of attending UCLA. With her application already submitted, she said, “Not only have I grown up with UCLA, but I love the location and the campus is absolutely beautiful. They have so many amazing programs and opportunities, and I really hope I get in!”

 As for ASB Executive President Elena Walz ’22, she attended a summer program at Thomas Aquinas College, where she unexpectedly found her dream school and expressed, “It has everything I’m looking for in a college. The school has a strong Catholic presence and has rigorous academics as well.” Elena also stated that she would not apply to any other school and would attend a community college if not accepted into Thomas Aquinas College.

 Lastly, Kimberly Gallo ‘22 is in the process of completing her college applications and considers her top prediction to be UC Riverside. She recognized the campus and knew it was right because of her goal to become a nurse. She spoke on how this college had a significant impact on her career when she said, “I automatically loved the environment based on their outreach service community and amazing medical school.”

 All in all, while Seniors are already making decisions about where they want to attend by working on their applications, the process is only beginning. These girls have high hopes to get into their dream schools, so stay tuned to find out if their predictions come to life!

Daly Holman ’22 after a dance clinic at Ole Miss. Photo provided by Daly Holman.
Young Anna DiCrisi ’22 sporting her UCLA cheer uniform. Photo provided by Anna DiCrisi.
Elena Walz ’22 enjoying her summer program at Thomas Aquinas College. Photo provided by Elena Walz.