Which of Harry Styles’ Albums Is Better?


Emma Silva, Staff Writer

I am Harry Edward Styles’ biggest fan. That British man could spit on a piece of paper and I would buy it for four-hundred dollars.

I was (and still am) a die-hard Directioner. I was 8-years-old stealing my mom’s phone to scrounge the internet for the latest One Direction interview.

So when Harry Styles released his self-titled album, I was put in an emotionally challenging state.  I had the privilege of seeing Mr. Styles perform this masterpiece of an album in LA. I was subsequently sent into a post-concert depression when I realized I wouldn’t hear new music or see him live for quite some time.

Then, that oh so glorious day arrived. Fine Line’s release.

I love Fine Line. I remember listening to it for the first time so distinctively. It felt like a big change from Harry’s first album.

Which album do I prefer? Self-titled, easily.

I have probably just offended a large portion of the population, but allow me to explain.

I love classic rock, and HS1 feels like a love song to classic rock. While I appreciate the experimentation of Fine Line, it does not really have that charm.

I also consider HS1 to be a zero-skip album. I can play the whole thing through no problem. Fine Line, however, has two skips. As soon as I hear “Adore You” or “Watermelon Sugar” my finger is slamming the skip button.

I also think it is a nostalgia thing. I feel like HS1 came out during a very pivotal time for me, while Fine Line‘s release came out during a very weird time.

This isn’t the case for everyone. Trista Verne ’23 came to a Harry Styles obsession within the past 10 months, and was not an avid listener during the HS1’s release. She said, “His debut album just features my favorite songs of his. I still love Fine Line, but something hits so different about Harry Styles. I love the songs ‘From the Dining Table’ and ‘Carolina’, and they are both on HS1, so the album as a whole is so special to me.

Although I believe in HS1 supremacy, Fine Line beats it in a few song vs. song competitions. For example “She” on Fine Line triumphs “Woman” on HS1, because lets be real, the guitar solo is heavenly.

Fine Line is still an amazing album, despite it’s inferiority to his debut album. Photo Credit: Los Angeles Daily News

Anna Jordan ’23, a Fine Line stan said, “Fine Line strikes a good chord with me because I feel like it shows his personal growth song-by-song. Each track features something completely different than the one before it. The individuality of each song on the album keeps me entertained and listening for more.”

I love Harry Styles, and ALL of his music. At the end of the day, no matter if you are a Fine Line stan, or an HS1 stan, we can all agree that Harry is a beautiful and talented musician.