What NOT to do in high school…


(Photo Credit: Isabel Solorio '23)

Senior writers Tori Gomez and Brynn Beauchamp posing on the first day of school.

Victoria Gomez and Brynn Beauchamp

After three years of high school, one morning in August, the alarm clocks woke us up to the irreversible reality that we are seniors now.

It is safe to assume that our feelings consist of being half scared, half checked out, and half dead. High school has been quite the adventure for us— a global pandemic, a few Taylor Swit albums, and the invincible queen dying. We have survived zoom, gloom, and doom all in four years here at the Academy.

This has prepared us for the real world by causing us to not only wake up to reality as freshmen but also become resilient in the face of immense adversity. We have learned so much from our time here at Rosary Academy that has not only prepared us for college but developed our character in many ways.

In light of our crazy rollercoaster of an experience through high school, we decided to share our advice of what NOT to do during your years at the Academy.


You probably are wondering who in their right mind would ever do this, but I must admit I missed an entire month of school during the final quarter of my junior year. My return to school was miserable with the first day back beginning with the AP Environmental Science Exam and ending with an in-class essay. So, come to school, be present, and engaged, the amount of stress you have is often self-inflicted. As much as napping or traveling sounds nice around the time April rolls around, I promise most things don’t make up for the amount of tears wasted when you feel like you are drowning in school work.


I hate to be the one to shatter realities, but life extends after high school. You will not remember what you got on that math project or that you forgot to do your AP assignment. When an opportunity presents itself, don’t miss out.

This is all easier said then done, but I missed out on my first three years of high school because I had my priorities skewed. I sacrificed my free time, my energy, and even my health worrying over things that I wish I could have just freed myself from earlier, and my grades ended up suffering more than my efforts helped them.

Royals from the class of ’23 smile together after winning Clash of the Classes for their Pitbull inspired performance last year. (Photo Credit: Kathleen Martinez ’23)

So, go out, live life, go to that party, take that nap, and be present! Be responsible of course, but do what makes you happy. Free yourself from the people, places, and things that weigh you down. Say no when you can, and I promise it will change your entire high school experience.



This is major. Here at the Academy, spirit is a large part of our school persona. Screaming at the top of your lungs is essential to the experience. Allow yourself to fully immerse into the craziness of our school. Scream, jump, and dance it all out. I promise it’s more fun than just sitting there blankly with your class pom poms on the ground in front of you. Also, what does not-screaming do for anyone? It makes you look silly, and it ends up annoying your classmates that really want to win the spirit stick. Who doesn’t like to win?!



It is completely understandable that coming into Rosary and meeting your teachers for the first time can be a bit intimidating. Our teachers want what is best for us, and they care for us more than just educating us in their specific subject.

Talking to your teachers allows for them to get to know and understand you, which makes it more compelling for them to help you when you are struggling. So, get to know them, have lunch with them, and share a funny story with them. It will make your experience in that class so much better, and you will find yourself not dreading school as much.

Your high school experience is only what you make it! Don’t be afraid to try something new or step out of your comfort zone. Take it from us, and learn from our trials and mistakes

Love seniors,

Brynn Beauchamp and Tori Gomez