Royals’ Summer Plans


Photo Provided by Colleen Schmitt

Colleen Schmitt ’23 last summer at the beach with her friends.

Colleen Schmitt, Staff Writer

With summer just one week away, a few Royals have shared what they are planning on doing. From going on vacation to finding a job or just staying home, these Royals are doing it all.


Jada Alexis ’23 shared her vacation plans and said, “I am going to Hawaii for a week with my family, and we are going to do a bunch of fun activities together like snorkeling, whale watching, parasailing and other fun things.”

Jada Alexis ’23 with her cousin on a boat on her vacation last summer. (Photo Provided by Jada Alexis)


Another person who is having a relaxing summer is junior Megan Mendonca. Her family is panning on staying close to home but still have a little relaxation time too. She shared, “My family booked a villa at the Newport Coast Villas with all of my cousins and we are going down for a week and all just going to spend time together since they will all be home from college.”

Megan Mendonca ’23 pictured with her mom and cousin on a previous vacation. (Photo Provided by Megan Mendonca)


Anabella Barretto ’23 is traveling with the Rosary Academy community for a service project in Tennessee. This program was open to all Rosary Students, and she is one fortunate student to be going. Anabella shares her excitement, “Yeah I’m really excited to of with the girls especially because I don’t know a lot of them too well and I think that this will definitely bring us closer. I wanted to do this because I want to give back to the community and really be shown why I should be thankful for everything I have no matter what it is.” This service trip is in Memphis, Tennessee for a week in the summer.


Freshman Maddison Vega¬† is doing something a little different and is going to participate in the Junior Lifeguard Program. Maddison was asked how she decided to do this and she shared, “I am doing the program in Long Beach and my friend asked me to do it with her and I did water polo and swim preseason so I am already good at swimming.” This is a fun way to stay active this summer and get a little extra time at the beach.


Sophia Melendez ’23 plans to apply at Tru Bru Coffee this summer. Sophia shared why: “I wanted to apply because I want to experience a real job and learn from them about baking. I would also love to gain some independence.”


Personally, I am doing a couple different things this summer. The thing I am most excited to do is going on this fishing trip that my dad and I have gone on for two consecutive years now. This trip is two nights along the channel islands and is just so fun. I am also going out to Tennessee to visit colleges with my sister. This will be a good way to figure out what I am really looking for in a college.

Colleen Schmitt ’23 on a fishing trip, waiting to get a catch last summer. (Photo Provided by Colleen Schmitt)


The Rosary community is definitely staying busy this summer. If you do not have any specific summer plans, do not worry. You can always relax, go to the beach, or hang out with friends. Hope your 2022 summer is the best one yet.