Fruit-lovers at Rosary Academy


Photo Credit: Cicleri Lopez '24

Strawberry picking can be a fun activity to do with friends.

Irene Fernandez, News Editor

It’s a nice, sunny day, and the only thing to make this day any better is a good bowl of strawberries.

Strawberries are probably the best fruit. They are visually pleasing, taste good, and are extremely versatile, being able to make smoothies, a small snack, or cake. Strawberries are definitely a go-to fruit for picnics and provide cute activities like strawberry picking.

If strawberries were the only fruit in the world, I would be happy just eating them. But, there are around 2000 fruits, and many students have their own preference as to what the ‘best’ fruit is.

Sophomore Ava Perez differed on strawberries being the best fruit. She said, “My favorite fruit is honeydew because it is super sweet. I have never not been in the mood for honeydew.” That is true. Honeydew melon has a cool green color and is a reliable, consistent fruit. Good choice. At least it wasn’t apples.

Apples are a pretty okay fruit. (Photo taken from Google Images via the Creative Commons License)

Fruit-lover Trinity Delacruz ‘22 made an interesting choice in picking apples as the best fruit. Trinity shared: “When it comes to favorite fruits, I’d have to say apples. Nothing could replace the satisfying crunch of an apple bite.” I guess Trinity knows best. She mentioned the benefits of apples: “Apples give you apple juice and apple cider, two of my favorite drinks. And it’s also the brand of my phone. So, apples for the win.” A well thought-out choice.

However, strawberries still stand as a popular fruit! Senior Danielle Perez agreed that strawberries are the best fruit: “My favorite is definitely strawberries or cantaloupe. Every Sunday, my dad and I would go to a strawberry stand, and he let me pick a carton of them.”

Senior Kelsey Hernandez’s favorite fruit is jackfruit. She shared, “Jackfruit isn’t exactly a well known fruit, but it’s actually pretty good. The juicy fruit gum flavor actually comes from jackfruit, so if you’ve had the gum, you’ve tasted the artificial version of jackfruit!”

Jackfruit is a less common fruit, but it is still tasty. (Photo taken from Google Images via the Creative Commons License)

Kelsey also mentioned, “It’s definitely my favorite just because it is a huge shape, but such a small fruit comes out. The first time I had it, I was definitely questioning if it was worth all the work of cleaning and removing from the body of the jackfruit. P.S., it was.”

Liana Hanz ‘22 also loves strawberries. She said, “Strawberries are the best fruit because they taste amazing, both cold and room temperature. You can include them in many desserts without making the dessert disgusting, like many fruit desserts. For

Strawberry cheesecake is one of the best desserts. (Photo taken from Google Images via the Creative Commons License)

example, strawberry cheesecake is amazing, but many other fruit desserts are literally garbage. Plus, strawberry is an ice cream flavor.”

Well, strawberries are one of the most-loved fruits. Among other fruits like bananas, blueberries, or apples, strawberries remain supreme.