17-year-old soccer mom


The Varsity soccer team after their first game of the season. (Photo Credit: Evelyn LeVecke)

Evelyn M LeVecke, Staff Writer

Hi, I’m Evelyn LeVecke, and I am the soccer mom of 20 soccer girls. 

I know what you’re thinking, “lol what,” and yes this may seem a little strange, but let me explain. 

I am the current manager and social media coordinator for the Rosary Varsity soccer team. Sounds super fancy, I know, but let me tell you how I came into this position. I started playing soccer at the age of 4 and I have been playing the sport ever since. From recreational teams, all-stars, signature teams, to competitive clubs teams, I was always excited to continue playing the sport I love.

 Once I entered high school, I became an active player within the Rosary soccer program, and I have loved every second of it. I have been a varsity starter since sophomore year, made it to the CIF playoffs, won tournaments, traveled to Arizona, and made contributions to the Trinity League. My soccer career was looking great, and I had been looking forward to my senior season for years, but life sometimes doesn’t go according to plan.

 I suffered from two severe concussions within a six-month time period, and due to these conditions, I had to stop playing soccer completely. As sad as this sounds, I knew it was the best decision for my health. 

But I still wanted to be an active member of the program, so I had to come up with a solution to make my senior season the best it could be. I was granted the opportunity to become the team manager and social media coordinator. I was looking for other names I could be called instead of “the manager” because that’s not very exciting. So I gave myself the title of Rosary Soccer Mom.

So what do I do exactly? Great question!

I run the Rosary soccer Instagram account (if you don’t follow it already, make sure to follow our account) and I make it my duty to always keep the team in high spirits and be a positive leader. Since I cannot physically contribute to the team on the field this year, I try to maintain the overall enthusiastic vibe of the program and help the girls to stay connected. 

If you are wondering if you have to be involved within the program prior to becoming the manager of a team, you don’t! If you have ever wanted to be in a position like this, go for it! Ask the coach or email Mr. Tice, Rosary’s Athletic Director, to see if there could be an opportunity for you. In my eyes, I think manager positions are super important when it comes to helping a team. It also looks great on resumes and applications for the future. 

 It’s a lot of fun to help take care of the time and hype them on social media; I’ve honestly had nothing but fun. I feel like I’m contributing to the program’s well-being. I still get to go to practices and participate in non-contact drills, travel with the team, and attend every game as if I were a true player.

Of course, this is not the senior season I have always envisioned, but I have to make do with what I’ve got, and I am so grateful for my supportive teammates and coaches that allow me to continue being part of the program.

Evelyn LeVecke ‘22 took this photo to promote game day for the Royals. (Photo Credit: Evelyn LeVecke)