Thanksgiving traditions


Daly Holman

Young Keira Sarni and her family take a nap on the couch on Thanksgiving day. Photo credit: Keira Sarni
I smile with my mom and grandma at Claim Jumper on Thanksgiving day. Photo credit: Daly Holman

Thanksgiving: the holiday made for expressing thankfulness, spending time with family, and eating yummy food. Although most families spend the day partaking in these same events, every family has different traditions.

Personally, my family makes our Thanksgiving day very untraditional. Being that I have a mother who dislikes cooking, my family eats dinner at Claim Jumper. This tradition has been a part of my Thanksgiving day for the past 13 years.

Evelyn LeVecke ’22 also has a different tradition when it comes to her Thanksgiving day meal. She says, “Instead of eating a big dinner with turkey and mash potatoes on Thanksgiving, my family gets together to eat brunch. We still eat dinner together, but it isn’t typical Thanksgiving food.”

Elena Walz ’22 has a family tradition on the Friday after Thanksgiving day. “On Friday, my whole family comes over to my house to eat enchiladas and play Super Mario Smash Bros. It is my favorite part of the break and I can’t stop thinking about it during actually Thanksgiving.”

Elizabeth Walloch, senior at Rosary spends her Thanksgiving at her grandma’s house every year. She states, “For the longest time, I always remember driving to my grandma’s house on Thanksgiving. Everyone in my family brings their dogs, and it is a fun day filled with lots of food and memories.”

Lastly, Keira Sarni ’22 spends her Thanksgiving day relaxing and recharging for Black Friday. She says, “I spend most of the day napping on the couch. It is very important that I am well rested for serious shopping on Black Friday. But don’t worry, I always wake up for Thanksgiving dinner; that is also very important.”

Enjoy your Thanksgiving break Royals, and have fun partaking in all of the crazy traditions the week holds!