Rosary Varsity Golf’s thoughts as they end their season


Varsity Golf Team on the putting green. Photo provided by Jeanne Weaver

Trinity Delacruz, Copy Editor

This year, Rosary Academy’s Golf Team has been able to play a wonderful season. The varsity team has played a total of 17 matches and one tournament over the span of about eight weeks. As the season is coming to an end, I wanted to ask my fellow teammates to share their experiences being on the golf team this year.

Sydney Swenson ’24 said, “I loved the community and the people most. I also loved bonding with the team. The van rides were my favorite memories!”

The varsity golf team riding in the van. Photo provided by Jeanne Weaver

Rosary’s Varsity Golf Team played their home games at Western Hills Country Club. Madison Lising ’24 shared her opinions playing at Rosary’s home course: “I love playing at Western Hills actually. It is a very difficult course, but I love the challenge of the course. A lot of people don’t like it too much because it’s difficult. But I feel like we learn a lot playing that course since it’s challenging. It also makes other golf courses seem easier.”

Playing matches also often required the team to miss their last period in order to get to the golf course on time. Nia Delacruz ’24 shared, “Being on the golf team and leaving school early for matches was fun, but it made it a lot harder for me to catch up on work. There were two classes that I missed the most because of golf, and it really affected me because I never knew what was going on when I come back to class.”

Emma Fredman ’23 shared her opinions on the coaches: “I love the coaches, they are a perfect combo of fun-loving, supportive, encouraging, and goal-oriented.”

Head Coach Jeanne Weaver ’82 described her love for the team: “I love the girls who make up the team, and I love and am privileged to work with the coaches–none the least of which is my son.”

Senior Rhea Sigur mentioned, “I’m going to miss playing high school golf and the people on the team.”

Coach Jeanne Weaver also added, “Before someone joins the golf team, I’d like them to know that being a part of a team is just thateach player needs to practice and play selflesslywith all their heart.”

The golf team has been working hard all season. I’ve had a wonderful time playing with these girls as my teammates this year.

The team before a match at Western Hills Golf Course. Photo provided by Jeanne Weaver

Rosary’s Varsity Golf Team will be playing Trinity League Finals at Los Serranos Country Club this Monday, Oct. 18. This will be the golf team’s last tournament for the season. Wish them luck!