ASB Election Time


Ms. Barclay

The 2017-2018 ASB candidates wait to give their speeches.

Ms. Barclay, Adviser

Today, several candidates gave their ASB Election speeches for the 2017-2018 school year.

With multiple candidates running for each position, the speeches lasted the entire length of the special flex schedule and even went into lunch by a few minutes, but it was well worth it to hear each speaker’s ideas.

While each candidate delivered thoughtfully prepared remarks, some candidates surprised the audience with their special talents. For example, junior President candidate Maura Cannon gave the crowd a sample of her Australian accent, which she uses to fool other schools into thinking Rosary has a special weapon on the swim team: an Australian exchange student. Maura ended her speech by saying, “I love our wacky little community on a hill.”

Although Junior Treasurer Candidate Sydney Markos couldn’t be at school to deliver her speech, she put together a great video showcasing not only her reasons for why she’d make a great treasurer, but also her rap skills. Sydney rapped to the tune of “Ice, Ice, Baby,” listing her reasons for wanting the ASB position.

Some candidates even had memorable slogans. In her effort to become the ASB Treasurer, junior Lindsey Shank reminded the crowd, “Shank is the name and bank is the game.”

Some candidates used their time thoughtfully to deliver an articulate speech about their future vision of Rosary Academy. Junior candidate Frances Lahr promised to do her best to make 2017-2018 Fridays all about food and movies, treat birthdays at the Academy with a special touch, and create more organized and friendly competitions between classes.

Ms. Barclay
Junior Frances Lahr articulates her vision for the 2017-2018 year.

Other candidates took the time to thank Rosary Academy for the voice it has given them. Junior President candidate Emily Garcia shared how she is grateful to Rosary for all the opportunities it has given her, and junior Vice President candidate Jillian Lao shared how Rosary has taught her it’s ok to keep striving for your goals even if you don’t always reach them. Jillian also sang in her speech to prove to the audience she’s not afraid to try new things.


Junior President candidate Emily Garcia gets closer to the crowd as she delivers her speech. Photo Cred: Ms. Barclay
Ms. Barclay
Junior Jill Lao makes her case for why she should be your ASB Vice President.

Overall, each candidate’s speech was memorable for different reasons. It’s clear that no matter who wins, Rosary Academy has a bright future of leadership.

Junior Gabby Graves said, “The speeches were very diverse, and I liked the singing and rapping today! I wasn’t bored at all.”

Ms. Fulton shared her reason for attending the speeches, “I wanted to see what the bright future of Rosary Academy holds.”

Be sure to cast your vote for the candidates you feel can best lead RA. Please vote tomorrow, Thursday March 23, before school and listen for any possible run-off situations, in which you’d need to vote again at break or lunch.

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