You Worked Where?!


S. Hunt

Mrs. Hunt, Age 16

Ms. Barclay, Adviser

Sometimes it’s hard for students to relate to their teachers, staff, and administrators. Struggling with the pressures of balancing academics, family life, friends, sports, and sometimes even after school jobs, students can feel overwhelmed and forget that the adult faces of Rosary Academy once experienced similar stress.

In fact, some of the Rosary teachers, staff, and administration know all too well what it’s like to put in a full day of school and then head to another four to six hours of work, including on the weekends!

Take Ms. Sweeney, for example. Some of you know her as the wind beneath Mr. Tice’s wings! She’s the woman responsible for making sure your athletics’ buses arrive, your sports uniforms come in on time, and your paperwork is up to date, but did you know this Athletics Administrative Assistant first worked at Disneyland in New Orleans Square, where she supervised the Blue Bayou, Sara Lee’s Cafe Orleans, and all of the Main Street restaurants?

Ms. Sweeney says, “Eventually I moved into the Security Department, where I was also a supervisor. I was one of the first females in a almost entirely male department. To make me prove myself, the officers all stood back and let me wrestle with an intoxicated patron on hot August asphalt in the parking lot! Once I proved I could take care of business, [most of them] were awesome and supportive. This was my own personal glass ceiling. I loved that job!!”

Ms. Sweeney in her Disneyland uniform!
G. Sweeney
Ms. Sweeney in her Disneyland uniform!

Now that’s a story!

Or how about Rosary’s beloved Science Department Chairperson, Mrs. Hunt? At age 16, she started out as an employee for Music Plus in Cypress. She was the only employee out of 12 people total who wasn’t in a band.

Take a look at this list of your teachers, staff members, and administrators’ high school jobs. Anything surprise you? We’d love to have your comments at the end of the article!

Mrs. Golcher – Worked at a laundry mat in Dorset, England, where she helped with hotel laundry. When you see Mrs. Golcher, be sure to ask her whatever happened to the antique table cloth that came into the laundromat in one piece and left in several pieces.

Ms. Barclay – Worked as a cashier for Pick-Up-Stix in Anaheim Hills. If you get close enough, “I believe I still smell like white rice and soy sauce.”

Mr. Chavez – Drove a forklift for a shipping company when he was a sophomore in high school!

Mr. Fletcher – Worked at Little Caesar’s Pizza and Papa John’s.

Mrs. Moore – Picked strawberries up until college! To this day, Mrs. Moore “cannot eat any strawberries!”

Mrs. Tunstill – Made strawberry pies for Marie Callenders’s at age 12!

Mr. Lyons – Painted store windows during Christmas time and then got a job as a busboy and line server at Disneyland’s French Market.

Mrs. D’Alba – Worked as a lifeguard and swim instructor.

Ms. Murphy – Worked as a sign flipper for new housing developments and then as a concessions cashier at Edwards Cinemas (until she tripped and fell, sending popcorn flying all over her customers)!!

Mrs. Reinbold – Worked as a phone solicitor for a real estate development . . . that didn’t even exist yet. She learned quite a bit about customer service and employee rights, especially when she showed up to work one day and her office was locked and empty! Her boss forgot to inform her the company had closed.

Mrs. Miller – Worked as a waitress at Van de Kamp’s Restuarant, where she once dropped a plate of liver and onions on a customer. She had to wear a Dutch style uniform and a hat that resembled something a flying nun would wear!

Van de Kamp's Waitress Uniform!
Google Images
Van de Kamp’s Waitress Uniform

Mr. Andreev – Worked at Hungry Howe’s Pizza and Subs restaurant, which meant he could load up on carbs just in time for his hockey season! Unfortunately, Mr. Andreev often forgot to cut the pizza for customers.

Ms. Eaton – Worked as a cashier, customer service agent, and bath and bedding coordinator for Home Goods. No wonder she has such great style!

Mr. Yoon – Worked at a grocery store bagging groceries and pushing carts.

Ms. Gavin – Worked at Disneyland Fantasyland/Toontown Foods for 6 years. Ms. Gavin added, “It was hell.”

Mr. Tice – Worked as a land surveyor for his father’s civil engineering business.

Ms. Young – Worked as a lifeguard at the Disneyland and Grand Californian Hotels. This explains why Ms. Young is always saving the day.

Mrs. Troisi – Worked on a Christmas tree farm, where she pruned trees that were later cut and trucked to be sold in NYC. One of her trees, a 35-year-old Balsam Fir, born and raised in NY, became the 25-foot tall holiday tree for Lincoln Square! “It was a big Deal!” Mrs. Troisi said proudly.

Ms. Vasquez – Worked as a waitress with both her sisters at the IHOP on Chapman and Kraemer. This made the three sisters famous in the pancake world, and customers loved it! They served pancakes from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. on weekends, and they “worked with an awesome crew of servers who could carry up to 6 plates on one arm!” Her favorite pancake is still the chocolate chip delight!

Ms. Vasquez's favorite pancakes!
Ms. Vasquez’s favorite pancakes!







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