Congratulations Sra. Kappe: Rosary Academy’s Teacher of the Year!


Congrats to Sra. Kappe on her big award (Photo Provided by Sra. Kappe).

Ms. Barclay, Adviser

Congratulations are in order for one of Rosary Academy’s most beloved and talented teachers, Senora Megan Kappe!

Named as Rosary’s “Teacher of the Year” for the 2022-2023 school year, Sra. Kappe epitomizes stellar teaching. Funny, enthusiastic, creative, and compassionate, she helps to make Rosary’s World Language Department so memorable for students. Sra. Kappe’s honor is special to her since it’s an award in which teachers, administration, and the students themselves vote on.

Sra. Kappe poses with her favorite part of Rosary – the students! (Photo Provided by Sra. Kappe).

Serving as both the world language department chair and faculty rep, Sra. Kappe has dedicated her time and talents to Rosary over the last 16 years. In her brief, tearful thank you speech in front of the entire student body at the awards assembly on May 18, Sra. Kappe joked about loving Rosary so much she wanted to be buried in the school’s rose garden. When Head of School Dr. Pautsch visibly shook her head at this, making the audience laugh, Sra. Kappe smiled and expressed her genuine gratitude to be working at Rosary.

Her impact on her students is undeniable. Senior Brianna Guzman shared, “Mrs. Kappe was the happiest teacher I have ever had in my LIFE. She is so cheerful and the kindest person ever. She never failed to make me smile when I needed it most with her ‘Hola Chicas!’ that started every Spanish class my freshman year. She truly deserves this award!

Rosary’s Religion Department Chair Mrs. D’Alba added, “Megan brings joy, happiness, and sunshine wherever she goes.”

We wanted to go deeper with this stellar educator and hear what has given her the greatest joy as a Rosary teacher over the years.

How long have you been here? What classes have you taught the longest?
I have been teaching at Rosary for 16 years, but then, I was also here as a student, so technically, this is my 20th year on campus! lol I have taught Spanish I, Spanish I Honors, Spanish II, and Spanish III with Spanish I being the class I have taught the longest at 16 years!

What would you say is your philosophy on teaching?
I believe that all students should learn as many languages as possible! Communicating with people is such a gift. In the classroom, I believe that there should be a balance of focus and fun. I believe in students taking notes to understand a concept, and I believe in them practicing that concept in listening, reading, writing, and conversation activities. I have my students play lots of games and do art projects in order to use what they are learning in a fun way. I do my best to see which activities my students enjoy doing in the classroom, and I incorporate those in my lessons.

I also believe in having my students study the cultures of the Spanish-speaking countries, so that they understand and respect a world outside of their own. Lastly, I encourage my students to practice their Spanish skills outside of the classroom by watching movies, shows and the news in Spanish, going to Mass, a church service or cultural event in Spanish, and reading whatever they can find in Spanish including our magazines, children’s stories, and novels in the classroom.

What do you like best about your job?
I love the Spanish language, and I love sharing it with my students. My students make teaching fun! They are willing to go out of their comfort zone and learn something new. Whether my students find learning Spanish easy or hard, I appreciate all their participation in the classroom. We laugh.. a lot! They make my heart smile. I am their teacher, yes, but they teach me so much. They make me a better teacher.

Who has been a great example, mentor, or role model for you when it comes to being a great teacher?
This question is very hard to answer because so many teachers at Rosary inspire me every day to be a better teacher. First, I have to say Ms. Julia Ray who taught me when I was a student at Rosary. I learned so much in her Spanish II class. We became colleagues when I returned to teach at Rosary 16 years ago, and she so graciously shared all that I needed to know about being a great language teacher. Even to this day, I pop in her classroom to ask advice on lesson plans, test designs, games, culture activities, or how to better support my students in their language learning journey. Her dedication to her students’ learning inspires me daily!

Sra. Kappe and one of her mentors, Sra. Ray. (Photo Provided by Sra. Kappe)

Then, I have to say Mrs. Samantha Hunt, my teacher bestie. She is the classiest teacher I have ever met! I have watched her teach many times, and I have shared with her that I would’ve been a science major if she were my teacher back then. Our students are so lucky to have her! Her knowledge of her content, her high standards for every student, her creative labs, and her ability to love science and Jesus at the same time really moves me! I am grateful for our friendship and our desire for Rosary to be the best place it can be for our students.

Teacher Besties: Sra. Kappe and Mrs. Hunt, two of Rosary’s all-time greats! (Photo Provided by Sra. Kappe)

Why Rosary? You’ve been here for awhile, but why have you stayed? What is so special about our school?
I have always thought that Rosary was an amazing place! I tell people I enjoyed my time here more than college. I loved my teachers and my classmates! I still keep in touch with my former teachers and many of my classmates. Some are my closest friends! On my Rosary graduation day back in 2003, I knew I had to come back to serve this amazing community. I always knew I wanted to be a teacher, but I would’ve done any job to work here. There is a Rosary vibe here that makes you want to be here. I enjoy talking to all my co-workers everyday; we are like family! I teach my students, and my students teach me; we are like family. Rosary is my home away from home.

As a student, I admired how my teachers were always so happy to be at Rosary and how passionate they all were about what they taught. This made me want to be at Rosary and learn from them. I want that for all my students. I want my students to know that I love Rosary, and I love what I teach. I pray that I can inspire them to love our school and appreciate all that their teachers have to share with them. We are all a gift to each other. Oh! And, in 9 years, I hope Autumn [Sra. Kappe’s daughter] can attend Rosary as well!

Rosary is so lucky to have a teacher like Sra. Kappe. She embodies what it means to be a dedicated teacher, and as you can see from her responses, she is also a fantastic human being. One time this year in my Honors English III class we got wrapped up sharing stories about her, and universally the students’ faces brightened when they spoke of her high standards and enthusiasm. When someone truly loves what they do and they share that gift with others, there is no greater joy to behold. You can hear her laugh from Room 101 echoing through the hallways, uplifting students and reminding everyone why Rosary is so special.

Congrats Sra. Kappe!