A year of Journalism through selfies


Photo Taken by Alex Bohn

A year full of memories in Room 208 for these two Royals!

Alex Bohn and Allison Lillestol

The first day of senior year, the two of us were pumped for the year ahead. (Photo Taken by Alex Bohn)


The last class before Alex left for 2 weeks for her internship in Italy! (Photo Credit: Alex Bohn)


Alex is back from Italy!! The duo is reunited! (Photo Credit: Alex Bohn)


Ally and Alex published their Animal Cruelty Free makeup awareness article to Top Story! (Photo Credit: Alex Bohn)


For spirit week, Alex and Ally dressed up as Ferris Bueller and Cameron for the mems! (Photo Credit: Alex Bohn)


Journalism class was the best place to rant about Cinderella Tech! (Photo Credit: Alex Bohn)


Couldn’t have gotten through senior year without Ms. Barclay’s candy jar. (Photo Credit: Alex Bohn)


Taken today… in our last Journalism class together. Goodbye Royal Reporter! (Photo Credit: Alex Bohn)