Best movie prom dresses


Prom dresses have an illustrious history in cinema. (Photo Credit: Charlotte Jordan)

Charlotte Jordan, Staff Writer

Prom—after being the focal point of billions of movies, it’s more of a concept or state of mind at this point. With Rosary’s own prom swiftly approaching, many of the first-time attenders will discover the reality of prom is blistered and achy feet, mediocre track-lists, and sweaty pits. Ignoring that brutal truth, I thought I would continue to romanticize the magical, abstract ideal that is prom by viewing a few of my favorite prom dresses from TV shows and movies.

Everyone knows Blair is the best “Gossip Girl” character. (Photo Credit: Charlotte Jordan)

Blair Waldorf

When I watched the prom episode of “Gossip Girl” as an 11-year-old (I would watch whatever my sisters put on the TV), I NEEDED to be Blair. She already out-dressed everyone on the daily, but her prom look became my standard. I started judging my middle-school friends’ Windsor dresses at our dances because they were so far below Blair’s excellence. Would I wear this dress to prom now? Probably no. But that means that I am wrong, because Blair is always right.

Selena Gomez in “Another Cinderella Story”

Selena Gomez doesn’t technically wear this look to prom in this movie, but it had the impact and slaynicity required to fit the prom state of mind. As another middle school formative moment, seeing this look for the first time taught me what kind of head-to-toe ultra-atomic-bomb-double-dookie outfit would be required to dominate the prom fashion scene and win the teen-heartthrob Joey Parker.

I wanted to be her so bad. (Photo Credit: Charlotte Jordan)

Gabriella in “High School Musical 3”

We needed her at Coachella this year. (Photo Credit: Charlotte Jordan)

In my opinion, “Night to Remember” is the best song in this movie, and the accompanying dance number is one of the best in any movie musical ever. The excellence of this scene adds to the 2010s-bohemian-Coachella superiority of this entire look. Again, would I actually wear this to prom? No, I’m not brave enough. But for the rest of my life, I will try to give what Gabriella gave on that night of nights.

Kat Stratford in “10 Things I Hate About You”

This movie is undoubtedly iconic, and Julia Stiles wears some absolute banger fits. One such fit was her slick, classy prom dress with an adorable up-do and her mother’s pearls. I would honestly wear this look to prom. though I would definitely look a lot worse. Kat Stratford pulled Heath Ledger in this look, and therefore, it is sacred.

If I pull up to prom in this exact look, don’t say anything. (Photo Credit: Charlotte Jordan)

I’m positive this year’s prom will be a night to remember, and if you haven’t secured your dress already (that’s a little psychopathic), maybe you can use this article for inspo!