Senior superlatives: journalism edition


Our lovely seniors on the Royal Reporter. (Photo credit: Emma Silva).

Trista Verne and Emma Silva

As journalism’s resident comedians, we have teamed up to give our seniors one final goodbye. So we present to you the Royal Reporter’s class of 2023 superlatives.

Daniela Arias: Most reliable in an emergency situation

Daniela always knows what to do in-case of an emergency. (Photo credit: Emma Silva).

Adriana Arroyo: Most likely to not make it to the bathroom

Brynn Beauchamp: Most likely to get into a fight and WIN

Reagan Beuerlein: Most likely to be too nice to tell you that you don’t look good/ Most likely to go Kappa

Alex Bohn: Most likely to have an over-the-top wedding

Caela Cabal: Most likely to have her article go viral

Kendall Clarida: Most likely to bounce back from a cry session

Tori Gomez: Most likely to become a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader

Anna Jordan: Most likely to write a poem that divides nations

Charlotte Jordan: Most likely to get lifetime banned from the Met Gala after creeping on the celebrities

Layla Langrell: Best complainer

Layla is vocally the best complainer on our staff. (Photo credit: Emma Silva).

Allison Lillestol: Most likely to continue being the nicest person ever

Kathleen Martinez: Most likely to become a professional smoothie maker

Julianna Ortiz: Most likely to continue her anger-management classes well into middle-age

Not only is she violent, but she can’t use a comma. (Photo credit: Emma Silva).

Emma Oskorus: Most likely to become a beauty influencer

Sydney Rosario: Most likely to lose her medical license

Cadiz Salazar: Most likely to whip out a musical theatre song at a party and its ACTUALLY really, really good

Colleen Schmidt: Most likely to survive in the military

Emma Silva: Most controversial person/ MOST delusional

Layla Valenzuela: Biggest Tom Holland fan (scarily)

Trista Verne: Most likely to start a fight and LOSE

Camilla Zavala: Best eyeliner

Tori Bush: Most likely to woman-splain Margaret Atwood to you

A final goodbye to the seniors. (Photo credit: Emma Silva).