Dear Vianna (a letter to my sister)


Do we really look that alike? (Photo credit: Caela Cabal ’23)

Caela Cabal, Staff Writer

The next few months of my life come with a lot of goodbyes: goodbye to Rosary, goodbye to my friends, goodbye to my home. Among them all, perhaps the hardest goodbye is to my sister. Growing up, I’ve always tried to be a role model for her. Now that I’m moving out and leaving for college, I can only hope that the example I’ve set is one that can guide her when I’m not there. Not only will we be going to school without each other, but we’ll also be living separately. In order to make saying goodbye a little easier to bear, here is my letter to her.

Do you think our dad will miss us forcing him to take our pictures? (Photo Credit: Virgil Cabal)

Dear Vianna (Vianna Cabal ‘25), 

Being your big sister has been the greatest privilege of my life. 

Thank you for letting me practice braiding with your hair and trusting me to learn how to use a curling iron (you were brave for that). Thank you for showing me how to be more courageous and always pushing me to try new things. Thank you for your amazing fashion sense and photography skills—you’ve saved my Instagram more times than I can count. I could go on about all I have to thank you for, but most of all, thank you for being my sister.

#besties (Photo Provided by Virgil Cabal)

Despite my excitement for college, I know it will be difficult not having you there with me. I’ll miss having dance parties in the living room, blasting every Taylor Swift song known to man, forcing our parents to listen to our karaoke sessions, and awkwardly waving to each other in the hallway. I’ll miss being there for you whenever you have a story to tell or just need someone to listen. I’ll miss a million moments we’d otherwise spend together, whether big or small, but know that we’ll have a million more to look forward to. Just think about it: at least people won’t be able to mistake us for twins anymore.

Red and Gold mems with you>>> (Photo Credit: Caela Cabal ’23)

Since what feels like the beginning of time, you have always been someone I can count on. You are my best friend and you’ve always been by my side, whether I’m laughing so hard my chest hurts or crying until my eyes are swollen. Though I won’t be home anymore, I’ll still be your big sister.

Maybe I made a really funny joke. (Photo Provided by Virgil Cabal)

Whether you text, call, or even visit, know that I will never be too busy to make time for you. I’m passing the “big sis” torch to you, and if you need any help, you can always come to me. I’m lucky to have seen you grow up to become the liveliest, kindest, most wonderful person ever, and I know that the future has great things in store for you.

P.S. Let me know when you want to go shopping in SD 😉