31 things that are on my bucket list


I have big dreams

Allison Lillestol, Copy- Editor

As I leave the academy and venture into the real world, it is finally my time to achieve my many dreams. And since this is my last article, I feel like it’s best to leave all the dear readers with what I will be up to for the rest of my life. I have an extensive bucket list but here are a few:


  1.  Get my pilot’s license (I watched Top Gun last night)
  2.  Get called by the FBI to give a background check on someone
  3.  Climb a mountain
  4.  Walk all the stairs of the Eifel Tower
  5.  Hold a sloth
  6.  Be in a ballet
  7.  Be in a magazine
  8.  Go on a safari
  9.  Watch the Olympics live
  10.  Run a marathon
  11.  Climb a tree
  12.  Jump into a pile of leaves
  13.  Run into someone from my middle school when I’m in a random city
  14.  Meet someone from the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City
  15.  Actually learn French and go to France
  16.  Share a taxi with a stranger
  17.  Make a calendar with me and my dog
  18.  Dye my hair a crazy color
  19.  Visit all of the U.S national parks
  20.  Throw a massive party that TMZ reports on it
  21.  Visit Machu Picchu
  22.  Tweet something that goes viral
  23.  Jump from a waterfall
  24.  Release a lantern at the Yi Peng Lantern Festival
  25.  Visit the Nile River
  26.  Drive a motorcycle and live my Lana del Rey dreams
  27.  Visit the Paris catacombs
  28.  Get a facial
  29.  Rescue a cat from a tree
  30.  Find myself in the back of a really aesthetic tic tock
  31.  try the Filipino desert Halo- Halo when in the Philipines 


There is no doubt in my mind that I won’t accomplish everything on my list.

See you on the flip side!