Senior ASB members say goodbye to announcements


Tori and Ella are sad to say goodbye to ASB.

Andrea Salazar, Staff Writer

Ella Sy with her announcement notes! (Photo Taken by: Andrea Salazar)

In this last month of school, many seniors are soaking up their last days of high school.  Among those seniors savoring their last days are some of the faces behind the voices of our daily announcements.


I had the opportunity to interview two seniors that do the announcements, Ella Sy ’23 and Tori Gomez ’23, and hear their feelings as they approach the end of their daily announcement career.


Q: What has it been like doing announcements this past year?

Ella: Doing announcements has been so much fun! Every month, I write my own announcements. During the beginning of the school year, I talked about national days and how to celebrate them. During the middle of the school year, I said different recommendations from Royals. And for the end of the school year, I am doing the national days again! I mainly do announcements for lunch, but if two executive officers are not there for the morning announcements, I will step in and help. I became really close to the communication commissioners, and we have made a lot of memories.

Tori: Doing morning announcements has become a part of my daily routine. I enjoy being the first voice our Royals hear over the intercom, and I am definitely going to miss doing announcements with my peers!

Q:  How does it feel as the last few weeks of senior year come up?

Ella: I am very sad that I will separate from most of my dino sisters and the rest of the student body. However, I am very excited for the fun events planned in the upcoming weeks such as Disney Day! I am just trying to cherish every moment I have for my final days of being a Rosary Royal.

Tori: I cannot believe that I graduate THIS MONTH! I’m looking forward to all of the events that us seniors have to end our high school journey. It’s crazy and sad, but I am taking in every moment with my teachers, friends, and family.

Q: How do you feel in these last few weeks, especially with announcements?

Ella: I am sad because I enjoy writing my fun facts and saying them on the intercom hoping to bring joy to a Royal’s day. However, I am excited because I am doing something special for my final week of doing announcements. Each day, I will be saying my own personal recommendations. For example, on Trader Joe’s Thursday, I will be saying what I recommend from Trader Joe’s, so stay tuned for the upcoming announcements!

Tori: I wish the best of luck to the incoming executives, I know they will do great!

Thank you to all of our ASB executives for everything and most of all to our seniors for all you have done. We are excited to see where you go, and we know you’ll do amazing!