Rosary Swim takes on Prelims

Andrea Salazar, Staff Writer

This past Tuesday, April 25, the Rosary Swim Team went to Prelims located at J. Serra High School and competed against other Trinity League schools to advance into League Finals.

The day started off great, and everyone was well prepared for the big meet. That was until the bus didn’t show up…

Right before we were heading out to drive to J. Serra, the bus canceled and coaches scrambled to find a last minute way to transport the entire swim team. But, thanks to some seniors, parents, and Rosary vans, everyone got to the meet right when we were supposed to.

Now, as you can imagine, the team was super nervous. We had about an hour to wait after warming up before the meet was expected to begin. We were told the meet would pass by fast because it was not co-ed, and thankfully all our girls were on top of it, and no one missed any events.

The meet began a bit later than expected at around 4:30 p.m., and most girls stayed till around 8 p.m. before packing up to head home.

“The love and support the team had for one another was so heartwarming to see. Everyone cheered each other on, and you could see the dedication the team had to one another,” one parent commented.

Senior Molly Muse shared her feelings on her last meet of the season, “My experience with swimming was very sudden. I swam for about eight years before coming to Rosary, then I stopped, but then I decided to join my senior year because why not? I’m super glad I joined–it was a great way to meet new people and make new friends. My last meet approached a little bit faster than I thought, it was almost kind of overwhelming. I was trying to embrace every dive and warm up since it was my last one. I was a little sad to finish my first race, but I’m excited to move onto this next chapter of my life.”

Varsity A-team will be competing this Friday, April 28, as will two junior varsity swimmers who advanced from Tuesday’s meet.

Coach Adam noted to the team, “We had a lot of PR’s this meet, that’s good. The hard work is really showing through.”

Overall, the Rosary Swim Team ended on a high note for their last meet. Great job to all those who competed, and good luck to our Royals competing at League Finals this Friday!