Prom ticket info


Prom 2023 flyer (Photo provided by Ms. La Bonte ’09)

Caela Cabal, Staff Writer

Prom 2023 tickets are on sale for $95 per person from now until May 7. Afterwards, from May 8-18, the price will increase to $105. Tickets sold on May 19-20 will incur a $20 fee.

Tickets are only available for purchase online, and physical dance passes are only required for non-Rosary and non-Servite guests. Guest dance passes must be turned in by May 19—late forms will not be accepted, and the guest will not be allowed to attend the dance.

School names are specific, and Rosary/Servite students purchasing tickets must input the corresponding code: ROSARY or SERVITEHS. When entering student ID numbers, Rosary students must add “r” at the end, and Servite students must put “s” (ex. 12345r or 12345s).

Students will then receive a QR code after purchase, and must be able to access the QR code at Prom to check in. Digital or physical copies of the QR code will be accepted. 

For further questions, email Ms. LaBonte ‘09 at [email protected].