Top jewelry picks: you won’t want to miss this


(Photo Credit: Emma Oskorus '23)

Emma Vasquez ’23 NEVER takes off her heart charm necklace from Gorjana. Priced at $60—this gold necklace could last her a lifetime.

Emma Oskorus, Staff Writer and Social Media Director

Whether you are a silver kind of girl or a gold kind of girl, when it comes down to jewelry there are three specific things to keep in mindprice, quality, and design. The color is your choice (I prefer gold…it makes you look more tan), but when it comes down to these three characteristics, it’s important to be looking at proper websites. Let’s be honest, is anyone going to really know your waterpearl necklace costs around $400the answer is no. Who can even tell the difference between real and fake these days? You can pretty much find jewelry at any store nowadays, but if you are on the hunt for the ones with the best quality, pricing, and design, this is the place for you.

The first website which also has a store you can to go is an obvious oneGorjana. Although Gorjana may be on the pricier side, their jewelry is no joke. I have worn the same gold hoops from there for almost a year, and they have not left my ears since. I wear them in the shower, in the ocean, when I sleep, workout, etc. They have not fallen out nor have they rusted one bit. Their pieces are such great quality, not to mention, they are super cute. They have gold, silver, rose gold, and even some colorful pieces too. I would recommend going in store rather than looking on the website. If you are ever in need of the perfect necklace, bracelet, ring, or earrings, Gorjana is the place to be. Another perk of buying from Gorjana is that if one of your pieces breaks or rusts a little, they will give you a brand new one, free of charge.

I love wearing my charm necklace from Gorjana and adding my “E” charm to it. My first hoops are from Amazon and my second ones are from Gorjana, and it’s safe to say, I rarely take them off.
(Photo Credit: Amber Lizardi ’23)

Another great recommendation for the best quality jewelry is Bauble Bar. Bauble Bar has their own website, but sometimes it is also sold at Nordstrom; however, the selection is not quite as large. Bauble Bar is a little less expensive than Gorjana, but they also have a larger variety of colored pieces. They also have pieces you can customize. They are most famous for their gold beaded bracelets that come plain or with a little initial on them. You can stack multiple bracelets together to create the cutest combo. Always wearing jewelry can make any outfit look ten times better, so check out Bauble Bar to elevate your palate.

Amber Lizardi ’23 loves to stack her initial necklace (Gorjana) with her favorite gold necklace from Francesca’s Boutique. Stacking your jewelry adds so much dimension, especially if the pieces are simple and dainty. (Photo Credit: Emma Oskorus ’23)

I’m sure most of you have heard of Francesca’s Boutique, but if you haven’t, this store is definitely one to go to. They sell cute accessories and clothes, but their jewelry by far beats everything else. For some reason, they always have sales with their jewelry which is also a plus because who enjoys paying full price? Their jewelry is affordable, great quality, and contains a variety of different styles and colors. Sometimes their pieces come in pairs of two or three. Last time, I bought some earrings that had three pairs for only $24.


My last recommendation is the best piece of advice I could ever give. Amazon. Go on Amazon right now, and type in “Gold Plated jewelry.” It’s important you type in gold plated in order to reduce the chances of having the color rust. If you prefer silver jewelry, type in “sterling silver” into the Amazon search bar. You can find any sort of jewelry from here. I have found the best gold hoops that came in a pack of six for only $12.99. If you are looking for something specific, just type it into the search bar, and there is a 99% chance something will show up. They have stacks of bracelets, necklaces that look almost identical to the ones at Gorjana for half of the price, and the cutest earrings ever that come in large packs. Never overlook Amazon.

Jada Alexis ’23 has worn this adorable engraved, gold bracelet since she was little. It is her favorite staple piece to wear everyday. (Photo Credit: Emma Oskorus ’23)

I hope this provides you with some information on where to find some new and cute jewelry pieces. Remember, jewelry will make any outfit look ten times better. Whether you prefer gold or silver, just wear whatever you think looks cute, and make sure you are paying a reasonable price for good quality pieces.