A behind the scenes of Trinitas’ Cinderella!


Our lovely tech crew excited for the show!

Allison Lillestol, Copy- Editor

Trinitas Arts Conservatory will be putting on Rodger and Hammerstein’s Cinderella May 4 to May 7 at the Servite Theater.

The production will include huge set pieces, over 140 costumes, and special effects, making it the biggest show Trinitas has ever put on!

But what goes on behind the scenes of making the greatest production to ever hit the stage?

An amazing cast and crew!

With around 50 people in the cast, rehearsals began the first week of March to prepare the many songs and dance numbers that are in the show.

The best actors in the world (Photo Credit: Allison Lillestol)

For weeks, the cast was called for three-hour rehearsals Monday through Thursday to run blocking and learn choreography for the show.

Senior and assistant director Alex Bohn shared, “Early on, we went through the show piece by piece. At the beginning, it felt we were moving very slowly, but by the time we had designer run, I realized how amazing the show is!”

And it wouldn’t be a production without the tech crew!

With 46 members, the tech crew is made up of various sub-crews covering deck (in charge of moving the set), costumes, hair and makeup, props, lights, sound, video, and production.

Tech crew is first called for “designer run” where the cast runs through the musical for the crew to see.

Kat Cenabre ’23 shared, “Going to be completely honest, watching designer run made Jake Maricich ’23 and I nervous. But at the same time, it made us all super excited to start working on the show!” If you’re religious, say a silent prayer for our deck crew.

Our stage manager Cali Gomez smiling after an amazing rehearsal (Photo Credit: Allison Lillestol)

Directly following designer run, the crew heads gathered into the Servite teacher’s lounge for everyone’s favorite part (said sarcastically): paper tech!

Paper tech is when the director, technical director, and all the crew heads have a meeting to walk through the show and write down all the cues.

It did take us two days and a total of six hours to go through the whole show.

Starting just two weeks before opening, tech crew spends hours at rehearsal running scene changes, costume changes, running props, and practicing calling cues.

Stage manager Cali Gomez ’23 shared, “The show is going really great! We open in a week and I love how quickly the show is coming together.”

As a costume crew member, I am dying to share all the amazing surprises we have in store for the costumes, but one thing I can share is that we may or may not have more than one transformation dress.

Deck crew pushing the set during one of our set changes! (Photo Credit: Allison Lillestol)

And with the best production ever comes the biggest set ever. God bless deck crew who moves 20-foot set pieces on and off stage for the whole 2-hour run.

This upcoming week, we head into the most gruesome and fatiguing week that would make any  U.S marine curl up into a ball: tech week. If you see a Trinitas-ian, make sure to give them a pat on the back; it will surely boost the morale.

Tech week includes running the show over and over for eight hours every night leading up to the show. And as a Trinitas-ian, refrain from bringing up AP exams; we can only take so much.

But rest assured, this will definitely be the best production to ever hit the stage.

If you haven’t yet, buy your tickets here.

Hope to see you there!