Why I (And All of Tik Tok) Loved Sofia Richie-Grainge’s Wedding…

Daniela Arias, Editor-in-Chief

I’ve always been the type of girl who fantasizes about their wedding. From the location to the color scheme to the song I will walk down the aisle to, and of course the dress—I thought I had it all figured out in my notes page titled “My Wedding.” But, I was so…so wrong.

Sofia Richie’s (now Sofia Richie-Grainge) wedding changed it ALL for me—and the entirety of the Tik Tok community. Why was it a game changer for me you may ask? Let me tell you…

Located in the gem of South France known as Antibes, the wedding’s location made the nuptials even more romantic. Richie and her now husband, Elliot Grainge, luxuriously accommodated their guests at the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc. The five-star hotel is located on the oceanfront and provided guests with spectacular food, spectacular rooms, and a spectacularly breathtaking view of the beauty of the French Riviera. Did I mention that they rented the entire hotel for their guests?

Sofia’s outfits while on her wedding trip did not disappoint. Prior to her wedding day, she posted photos in various different outfits. Though the outfits varied, they all dripped in elegance. Being all from Chanel, Richie-Grainge kept her makeup and hair minimal and truly let the clothes do the talking. Throughout the trip, she frequently sported the trendy, slick middle-part bun and when paired with her minimal sun-kissed makeup, her looks were perfection.

Here’s a compilation of my favorite outfits from Sofia’s wedding trip. (Photo taken from @sofiarichiegrainge on Instagram)

Now that I touched on Sofia’s non-wedding outfits, let’s talk about the wedding attire. Her dress…HER DRESS. I’ve never appreciated modesty and elegance so much as when I saw her dress. With a halter neck and virtually no cut-outs or sheer fabric, the dress radiated grace and sophistication while simultaneously not being simplistic. The dress, also made by Chanel, was decked with lace and beaded beautifully. If you looked closely or tuned in to the Vogue video that featured Richie-Grainge’s dress, you would notice that the beading wasn’t just random. The dress features hearts that face one another to reflect the union between Richie and Grainge. On top of the elegance the dress exuded, it was accessorized with a veil that was made to look like it had dew drops on it. DEW DROPS. I’m a stickler for details, and Richie did not hold back on the intricacy.

If I don’t cut myself off now, I’m afraid I will never stop talking about this wedding, so my last reason for loving this wedding is simply that it just looked like so much fun. When I’m talking about it being fun, I’m specifically referencing the reception. When trying on her reception dress for Vogue, Richie described how she wanted her reception to feel like a nightclub with loud music, dark mood lighting, strobe lights…the whole shebang. I wish so badly I was at that reception. It looked like the GRANDEST time. The bride was dancing the night away like a maniac alongside A-list guests like Cameron Diaz, Lionel Richie (her father), Paris Hilton, and so many more. This looked like the party of a lifetime, bravo Sofia.

Mazel Tov to the new Mr. and Mrs. Richie-Grainge (did I tell you she converted to Judaism for their union? I LOVE LOVE). (Photo taken from @sofiarichiegrainge on Instagram)

We’re not even done with 2023 yet, and I can wholeheartedly say that I’m convinced that this is the wedding of the year. Thank you Sofia for setting the standards of what it means to reach wedding perfection. I have altered my entire “My Wedding” note page because of this.