Spring semester service hours


The Rosary Basketball team volunteered at a food distribution center last semester. (Photo taken from @Rosaryroyals Instagram)

Julianna Ortiz, Staff Writer

Attention all seniors and juniors, all of your spring semester service hours are due on Monday, May 1 to room nine.

The spring service hours must be completed at one of the 31 approved service agencies. The list of agencies and the service verification forms can be found in the Microsoft Teams of your religion class or linked to an email sent to all juniors and seniors from Mrs. Flati.

The Campus Ministry Coordinator, Mrs. Flati, shared, “Please submit your service verification form(s) to room 9 as soon as the ink has dried. If you are in need of assistance because your dog ate your keys which left you unable to drive to your last hour of service at the OC Food Bank and come see me. A huge thank you to all seniors and juniors who have completed their 10 hours with an approved agency; your service to the dear neighbor will be a greatly rewarded in heaven.”

Completing your service at the approved agencies offers students an incredible opportunity to serve those in need such as giving shelter to the homeless, feeding the hungry, caring for children, and more.

Mrs. Flati also shared, “Parents or guardians may not verify hours. If you do not fulfill your service requirement, you will receive an incomplete for your religion grade until they are done.”

If you have not already completed or turned in your service hour verification forms, be sure to do so by May 1.