Reagan Beuerlein, Staff Writer and Social Media Director

College decision day is May 1, so you know what that means… time to start finding potential roommates! Although it is crazy to wrap your head around the fact you will be living with a complete stranger in a couple of months, it will become reality sooner than later. There are a lot of factors that go into the whole roommate search, so it is better to start the process now. If you have absolutely no idea where to start, I am glad you are here. We are in this together! 

I will be attending the University of Utah in the fall, and I have already found my roommate. Don’t panic though! My search was so rare, crazy, and far from being a normal roommate search. I found my roommate on the University of Utah class of 2027 page and little did I know she is dating my brother’s childhood friend. Crazy I know, but don’t think you are behind because you have time! I promise.

One of the biggest tips for your roommate search is to 

  • Go on your social media and follow ‘your school’s name’-classof2027 (for example, universityofutahclassof2027). 
  • There you will find an account close or similar to that. Obviously make sure it is the official one and follow it.
  •  On that account you can post a couple pictures of yourself and put a little description about yourself for others to reach out to you. DON’T forget to put your socials in the description so people can reach out.
  •  Best part is it also goes both ways! You can scroll through the accounts feed and find similar people on the post that you can reach out to. 

I also reached out to some alumnae of Rosary. Of course they are my best friends you all love, Evelyn LeVecke ‘22 and Daly Holman ‘22. They gave some really good input on roommate searches. Both are completely different, so hopefully in your search, you take into account what they had to say.

Evelyn LeVecke with her fabulous and amazing roommate Emily (on the right), who helped save her life week 1 of college. We also can’t forget alumnae Elena Navarro ’22 pictured on the left. (Photo provided by Evelyn LeVecke)

For those who don’t know Evelyn LeVecke, she attends Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. She says, “My biggest advice when finding a potential roommate is to FaceTime them! I know it might seem scary and intimidating because you really don’t know them and it’s like FaceTiming a stranger, but I HIGHLY recommend it. It is way easier to get a read on how they really are and they can be completely different through text. Honesty is also key when telling each other your lifestyles; otherwise, you will be hurting yourself in the long run. My roommate goes out a lot and I don’t and she knew that when we first started connecting. And since she knows that, she is very respectful when she comes home when I am asleep and I appreciate that so very much because I love my sleep lol.”

Daly Holman and her roommate #2, Riley at a football game. #GoVolseventhoughIgotwaitlistedthendeffered 🙂 (Photo Provided by Daly Holman)

Daly Holman goes to the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. She has not only had one roommate her first year of college but two! Her original roommate left the first semester, so she had to find a new one in the second semester. Her advice is, “So I went in random because it is more fun that way lol. It has taught me a lot and my biggest thing to say is communicate. Communicate with your roommate because it could be bad without it. Let them know what you like and what you don’t… especially the little things you don’t really think about telling others that are actually important. Like if you are a type A person, or if you need to work in silence. Stuff like that. But don’t stress out! It will all work out and you will end up making memories to last a lifetime regardless who you room with!”

Don’t forget to take a breath and breathe during this time because it is a lot, but it will all work out! This is such an exciting time for our class so enjoy every second of it!