Grandparents Day


Happy Grandparents Day! (Photo taken from Instagram @Rosaryroyals )

Victoria Gomez and Andrea Salazar

Grandparents Day, who doesn’t love it? This past Tuesday, April 4, Rosary grandparents and granddaughters were able to enjoy a morning Mass led by Father Ian followed by some coffee, pastries, and even a photo booth!


Freshman Sasha Regalado commented, “Grandparents Day was such a memorable experience. You don’t get to bring your grandparents to school with you everyday, so spending time with my grandmothers on campus is something I’ll truly cherish! I enjoyed introducing them to my friends and showing them my classes.”

Her grandmother, Martha, shared her opinions on the day: “I loved the mass. The priest was all about love and to always be in support of your grandparents. It was a very special time for me. You are blessed to be able to attend a school like this.”

Sasha and her sister Sienna Rose are all smiles with their grandmothers! (Photo Provided by Sasha Regalado ’26)


Grandmother of Andrea Salazar ’26 shared similar thoughts on Grandparents Day: “The mass was really beautiful, I was so glad to spend the morning with my grandkids.”


While enjoying some refreshments, Bev and Kirk Switzer, grandparents of Molly ’23 and Emma Muse ’26, shared some funny memories of their granddaughters: “There was a time when Molly was younger, and we were playing hide-and-seek. Molly hid her face in the toilet, and no one could find her. We saw the girls so often, and this one time the girls were getting off the car, and Emma saw us and broke down in tears.”

Junior Lily Curtis and her grandparents striking a pose for the photobooth camera. (Photo Provided by Yvette Gomez)


Skip Hayward, grandfather of sisters Maddy ’23, Kit ’24, and Mikayla Hayward ’26, had some heartfelt comments to share: “My favorite part of today is the three granddaughters I came with. I can’t pick out just one thing I love about them, I mean they are all great girls. It was a very nice day, and we really enjoyed the muffins.”


Overall, Grandparents Day was a special time to have touching moments with some of the people who love us most.