Poetry: Is it ChatGPT or Anna Jordan

Why I oughtta!

Why I oughtta!

Anna Jordan, Assistant Editor-In-Chief

Which poem was written by the AI engine ChatGPT, and which poem was written by me, Rosary’s resident poet, Anna Jordan?

Poem 1:

“Life Anew”

Raindrops fall from up high,

As I curl up with my book by and by.

Pomegranate seeds I pluck and eat,

While the kite dances in the breeze so sweet.


A cross stands tall in the distance,

As a doll watches from a safe existence.

And a bear in the corner, cuddled tight,

Listens to the pitter-patter through the night.


Oh, how the rain brings life anew,

To all the things we thought we knew.

And as the storm begins to wane,

Memories of this moment will forever remain.

Poem #2

“Seedling Pearls”

Hades gave me the greatest gift of all

For it does rain in the underworld

And a book replaced a doll

I grew into a pitiful girl


With a chip on my shoulder

And my kite scraping the ceiling.

Little knows mother Demeter

Of my love for feeling


So melancholy in my lonely days.

It is better than pure joy

For nothing more do I praise

Then Hades’ gift of a fruitful Troy


Pomegranate pearls from my palm stare

Hades gave me a cross to bear.


Ms. Barclay surveyed a select group of Rosary humanities elites to see which poem struck them as being penned by a human and which poem had the heartless art of computer programming. These were the results:

About 17% of those surveyed believed that I wrote poem #1 while about 83% thought that I wrote poem #2. And the answer is…

I WROTE POEM #2! What did you think? Which did you like more? And, if you thought I wrote #2, what were you thinking?! Comment your thoughts and remember: the computers will never beat Anna Jordan! Look out for the next installment of this series: me vs. Ms. Barclay!