Dorm room necessities


Photo taken by Sydney Rosario

Seniors manifesting the cutest dorm with the cutest dorm essentials

Sydney Rosario, Staff Writer

Hi seniors!

Big decisions are coming in the world of all things college related.

College decisions are determining the next four years, and as nerve-racking as it is, the housing situation is arguably just as stressful. Reaching out to girls on the Class of 2027 Instagram page who aren’t “fully committed” to the college you’re interested in is humbling. You don’t want to be rude if they become your roommate, so you add extra “!!” after every sentence with a copious amount of pink heart emojis. If you relate to this, I hate to break it to you, but this article has no tips on finding the perfect roomie.

But, I hope to alleviate some stress by giving a full-proof dorm room essentials list provided by Rosary’s very own alumnae, Gabriela Guzman ’22 at University of San Diego and Daly Holman ’22 at University of Tennessee.

Here is a helpful list of necessities that are overlooked:

-A pair of shower slippers

-A nice bathrobe

-Pictures with cute picture frames to prevent severe homesickness

-An ottoman for extra storage, especially for shoes

-A snack cart filled with snacks at all times

-A mattress topper because college beds are as hard as rocks

-A super long phone charger

-A WOOZOO fan, especially if you live in an old dorm that gets really hot

Emma Silva ’23 showing what a WOOZOO fan is. (Photo taken by Sydney Rosario)

-Airpods/a pair of headphones, especially if you go to a large campus and walking is the primary mode of transportation

-A blue Ikea bags if you are planning on going out-of-state/flying because they make it easier to transport

Well, there you have it! These are the essentials coming from solid and reliable sources!

I wish you luck finding your perfect roommate to accompany your WOOZOO fan or anything on this list!