Mrs. Godfrey takes on Taylor Swift

Red is definitely Taylors color! (photo credit: Mrs. Godfrey)

Red is definitely Taylor’s color! (photo credit: Mrs. Godfrey)

Julianna Ortiz, Staff Writer

If you didn’t already know, the highly anticipated Taylor Swift Era’s Tour has officially begun. The start of this tour was almost a national holiday here at Rosary Academy, as we have some of Taylor’s biggest fans on campus. The biggest fan of them all is beloved English teacher, Mrs. Godfrey ’13.

Mrs. Godfrey is one of the few who made it out alive from the Ticketmaster disaster. She landed tickets for Taylor’s first weekend of the tour and had an amazing time. I asked Mrs. Godfrey a few questions about her experience at the Era’s tour:

1. What was your favorite part of the entire concert?
How in the world do I even choose…I loved EVERYTHING but if I had to pick a favorite part, I think it would be the acoustic set. It was so exciting having something to look forward to that hadn’t been spoiled on social media yet. For my show, she sang “Our Song” and “Snow on the Beach.” I’m a lifelong Taylor Swift fan, so hearing “Our Song” live was a full-circle moment for me since I used to blast that song in my room as a middle schooler.

Mrs. Godfrey’s concert view was amazing! (Photo credit: Mrs. Godfrey)

2. What did you wear to the concert?
My outfit was inspired by the latest Midnights era, so my dress was purple/navy/silver, and all my accessories were stars or moons. I wore tennis shoes because I walked to the venue, so I wanted to be able to stand by the end of the night!
3. How did you prepare for your concert?
I made a playlist where I chose 5 songs from every album – not according to the setlist, but just songs that I love so that I could get pumped with a mix of each era! I also made sure to order a clear purse, get a portable phone charger, and rest my vocal cords for a solid week beforehand to ensure that I had the ability to belt every song with Taylor.

Taylor looked stunning is this sparkly blue outfit. (Photo credit: Mrs. Godfrey)

4. Do you have any advice for anyone preparing for their upcoming Taylor concert?
I would say that the best advice I have is to not worry about capturing “content” when you’re there. I recorded a few of my favorite bridges and snapped some pictures of the incredible sets/outfit changes, but I mostly tried to just live in the moment. This is such a historical tour, and it is SO worth it to enjoy every minute of those three hours!

I am so jealous of Mrs. Godfrey and everyone else who has tickets to the upcoming Taylor Swift concerts. Hearing Taylors insane vocals for three hours and seeing all of her crazy outfit changes would be the experience of a lifetime. So if you have a ticket, make sure to live in the moment and make the most of your experience like Mrs. Godfrey said!