Royals who have met celebrities!


Photo Provided by: Tori Gomez

Young Tori with the icon Kris Jenner

Allison Lillestol, Copy- Editor

Meeting a celebrity is one of the many things on my extensive bucket list. I dream of the day someone brings up a celebrity and I get to say I’ve met them. I have even traveled far and wide to Long Beach, CA because there were rumors Lana del Rey might have been there. Sadly I have had no luck. But here are some Royals who are living my dream.

Layla Valenzuela ’23 met the one and only Youtuber, Alishia Marie. She says, “On Thanksgiving a few years ago, I met the Youtube star Alisha Marie inside Claire’s at the Brea Mall. She was filming one of her famous Black Friday hauls. We had a short- but sweet- interaction and then she was on her way.” Personally, those Black Friday videos were a fundamental part of my childhood.

When Tori Gomez‘ 23 was younger, she got to meet the best manager in America and her daughter: Kris Jenner and Khloe Kardashian. She says, “In the mall of my hometown, Khloe was advertising her new perfume while my dad was her bodyguard for that event. As I waited in line to meet her, we chatted with Kris Jenner.” Living my dreams.

Daniela and Marlie taking a photo with the our favorite dancer Nia Sioux (Photo Provided by: Daniela Arias)

While spending her day at Disneyland, Daniela Arias‘ 23 casually bumped into Dance Mom’s star Nia Sioux. Daniela was standing in line for the Matterhorn and when she turned around, there she was! The experience caught her by surprise but she said, “She was super nice and let me take a photo with her!” I have been to Disneyland many times but the closest I have been to seeing a celebrity is someone who looked like Amy Adams.

For Molly Muse ’23, her experience came with meeting some of the cast from the beloved show Outer Banks. She ventured to the popular Poguelandia, a real-life experience of Outer Banks, where she says, “I went with my cousin, Riley Martinez ’24,  and we has such a fantastic day. We got to meet some of the cast, and Madeline Cline even took Riley’s BeReal!” I think the photo (below) of everyone in awe of Madeline Cline really sums up the experience as a whole.

Ms. Barclay was once on an airplane with Julia Roberts. When the regular cabin restroom line was too long, the flight attendent told Ms. Barclay she could use the restroom in first class. Leaning against the wall waiting to use the restroom was none other than Julia Roberts. Ms. Barclay leaned against the wall next to her and then said, “So you’re using the restroom, huh?” Julia nodded and that was that.

Molly and Riley posing for their BeReal with Madeline Cline! (Photo Provided by: Molly Muse)

Provided by Maybe one day my dreams of meeting a celebrity will come true. But until then, I will enjoy living it through these Royals.