Digital footprint: the haunting

Live. Laugh. (Photo provided by Samara DeLeon).

Adriana Arroyo, Assistaint Editor-in-Chief

We’ve all been there–unlimited access to the internet, a hover board at arm’s length, and the undying need to boogie to the catchiest sound. At least, I’ve been there, and nothing could have convinced my 13 year old self not to hit ‘post.’ I remember it like it was yesterday–I straightened my hair, put on my best outfit, and essentially got ready to give the performance of a lifetime–all on

I gave what had to be given. I did what had to be done. (Photo provided by Adriana Arroyo).

Full transparency, there’s been a war in my mind. On one end, I wonder: If my parents had hidden the Wifi password, would they have saved me some sleepless nights? Nights watching the views on my cringe-worthy video climb, and climb, and climb? On the other end, I think: What other 13-year-old has challenged ‘camp’ to a staring contest, and won? None. None other than I.

Essentially, in this forsaken video, my 13-year-old self spins around on an oh-so-treasured, hot pink hoverboard, as I lip sync the words to my (then) favorite song: “Hide Away” by Daya. The film has received some backlash (only from its creator), but for the most part, has been loved by audiences far and wide. I must admit, the video is classic, and straight up hilarious.

The best part of my predicament is that the password to the profile the video was posted on has been lost, and floats around in what I imagine to be the internet backrooms. In layman’s terms, this video will exist forever. It will outlive me. It will be cackled at by my children, their children, their children, and of course, their children.

Digital footprint now, digital footprint forever. (Photo provided by Emma Silva).

Alas, there is a light at the end of this very dark tunnel, but plot twist, that light is from a screen–a screen playing a constant loop of everyone else’s cringe-worthy videos. The light speaks to me, and says, “Don’t worry Adriana. You’re not alone.”

Recently, beloved Rosary student Samara DeLeon ’23 has been subjected to some lighthearted humiliation of her own with the resurfacing of a lovely little video I like to call, “Meghan Trainor and her consequences.” In Sami’s defense, the video is adorable, and bestows no match (on a cringe-worthy scale) for mine. Nonetheless, it’s been haunting her. I mean, with 188 likes, 12 comments, three saves, and seven shares–how could it not?

In the video, little eight-year-old Sami (an avid ‘muser’ of her time), lip syncs to ‘Me Too’ by Meghan Trainor, flips the camera, and reveals she’s recording herself on a GIANT iPad–a feature that really ties the clip together. The video is awesome, and has had a long run being shared in many a group chat, and on many a Snapchat story. Senior Emma Silva has even made a Snapchat sticker of little Sami, and is probably making memes with it as we speak. So far, the funniest meme Emma has made depicts the sticker of little Sami over her rejection letter–hand-typed and emailed from UCLA.

It’s said hindsight is 20/20, and in hindsight–I regret nothing. In all honesty, my hoverboard really speaks to the person I am–I’m adorable, fearless, tech-savvy, and I was born to dance.

All jokes aside, I leave you with this: only post pictures, videos, and ‘Thoughts of the Day’ that generations to come will playfully laugh at–because once it’s up there, it’s up there forever. Save yourself a Notes App apology, treasure your athletic scholarships, and leave the world’s campiest digital footprint–like someone you know (me).