Free things to do in LA and OC


Photo taken from google images via creative commons liscence

There’s so much to see even from outside of the Griffith Observatory.

Lianna Enright, Copy Editor

Hauser & Wirth is a great opportunity to see some really cool art galleries and exhibits. (Photo taken from google images via creative commons liscence)

After a long week of school, a fun weekend is often the perfect way to relax. I don’t know about you, but whenever I want to do something fun, I always spend several hours scouring the internet for something that’s local and not too expensive. 

If you ever find yourself in the same position, here are some free things to do in Los Angeles and Orange County.

  1. Hauser & Wirth – Downtown Los Angeles

Hauser & Wirth occupies what used to be a flour mill, and it presents art exhibitions, events, and learning activities that all take place surrounded by bright and vibrant agriculture. Admission is completely free, and no booking is necessary. Hauser & Wirth is full of art galleries, gardens, restaurants, and more! There are also a lot of cool places to take photos too keep the memories. This is definitely a place to go if you’re looking for something calm and relaxing. 

  1. Downtown Disney District – Anaheim

Adjacent to Disneyland, Downtown Disney is full of stores, restaurants, and many different events. Downtown Disney often displays firework shows and live music or theatrical acts. Downtown Disney is a great option because there are numerous restaurants with different types of food, entertainment places such as a movie theater and a bowling alley, and a lot of places to find really cool merchandise. The best part about this is that you can get in for free, and you don’t need a ticket to the Disneyland park to be granted admission. This is the perfect place to go with family or friends when in the mood for something fun and interactive.

Downtown Disney offers a bunch of different acivites for everyone. (Photo taken from google images via creative commons liscence)
  1. MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) – Downtown Los Angeles

Similar to Hauser & Wirth, MOCA is a free art gallery in Los Angeles. MOCA offers many art galleries, screenings, educational programs, and scheduled exhibits that you can find on their website.  All art shown at MOCA is created after 1940 and is meant to be preserved for future generations. One of MOCA’s main goals is to have a diverse history of contemporary art from around the world. This is a great place to go to see art different from what you might typically see at museums, but still be in a calm and quiet environment to relax.

  1. Griffith Observatory – Los Angeles

The Griffith Observatory is a scientific observatory that ranges from the science of astronomy to nature. Although you have to pay $10 to get inside the building and see the exhibits, you can walk around the outside of the observatory for free. Outside the observatory, there is a beautiful view of LA and the Hollywood sign, and there are several monuments and nature sights you can find. There are also telescopes that are accessible to the public which are really cool to use at night to see various things in space. If you want to pay $10 to get inside the observatory, you can access many exhibitions, live presentations, and interactive science experiments.  

Depending on what you’re in the mood for, all of these are great options when you’re looking for something fun to do!