Royal Rebel Robotics


(Photo Provided by Mr. Guerrero)

Rosary’s 2023 Rebel Robotics Team

Colleen Schmitt, Staff Writer

The Rosary robot competing in one of the competitions the past weekend. (Photo Provided by Anna Jordan)

The Rosary Academy Royal Rebel Robotics Team participated in the Charged up: The LA Regional Tournament last weekend. The robotics team at Rosary does not get enough recognition and should because of the importance of this team on Rosary’s campus and what it does for students.

Dr. Yoon shared why the robotics team should be on Rosary’s campus and said, “I think it is important because of the STEM initiative, more and more females are needed for these jobs that require skills in math nd engineering. So I think as an all girls school we need to be able to foster and encourage our girls to be in these field where it seems to be a shortage.”

Team moderator Mr. Guerrero was able to answer a few questions to give the Royal Reporter more insight to what the Robotics Team is all about.

Q: How did your latest competition go and did you place?

A: Our last competition was great.  We placed 38th out of 44 teams.  Our record was 2 wins and 8 losses.  We did better than we expected and the team really came together and supported each other.

The Robot getting a tune-up before it goes back onto the floor. (Photo Provided by Anna Jordan)

Q: What does your season look like with the amount of competitions?

A: Since we are only a second year team we only competed in one event this season.  The season starts in January and ends in April.  We hope to go to at least to regional events in the future.

Q: When is your next competition and where?

A: We only participated in one event this season and we didn’t make the World Championship so our season is over.  We will still meet as a team to work on building the team.

Q: Do you have a name for your team?

A: Our team name is “Royal Rebel Robotics” and our team number is 8898.

Q: Are you excited for this season?

A: We were very excited for this season and I think it went well.  We were able to secure Hydraflow as a permanent sponsor and we are excited for next season.  I want to invite any students who are interested in joining the team to take a risk and join.  It is a challenging and rewarding experience.

One of the seniors who is on the team , Anna Jordan shares, “This has been my favorite year so far and I can’t wait to see what this team is capable of in the future.”

Make sure to keep up with the Robotics Team and talk to Mr. Guerrero in Room 7 if you re interested in joining!

Some of the students and Mr. Guerrero working on the Robot before the competition. (Photo Provided by Anna Jordan)