A guide to finding the perfect prom dress


(Photo Provided by Emma Oskrous '23)

Look at all those bright and beautiful colored dresses.

Emma Oskorus, Staff Writer and Social Media Director

Everyone listen up, this is urgent. Here is your reminder to start looking for your prom dress. You might be thinking it is way too early to look for one but finding the perfect dress is honestly so difficult. If you need some advice, keep reading—we don’t gatekeep around here.

First option, look online. There are thousands of websites you could shop on, but here are a few that never seem to fail…

  1. REVOLVE (https://www.revolve.com)

REVOLVE has hundreds of brands, hundreds of styles, and hundreds of colors. I find myself scrolling through that website for hours. Now, with a big website like this, it’s important to be patient. It’s easy to scroll through two pages and give up. Don’t do it, you’ll never find a dress like that.

  1. ASOS (https://www.asos.com)

This one may come as a surprise to you. Some of you have never heard of it and some know about it but didn’t realize they sell formal dresses. Well, I am here to tell you they do. Their dresses are absolutely stunning. I really have no words for it.

  1. Lucy in the Sky (https://www.lucyinthesky.com)

This store is either a hit or miss. They either have the cutest dresses, or they have some other dresses that are not as cute. Shipping for this store is also a hit or miss. Personally, I have never had a problem with it; however, I know a few people that have. It never hurts to try and scroll here if you never have. I have found multiple dresses on here that I have bought or absolutely loved and didn’t buy because I didn’t end up needing it.

If online isn’t working out for you, don’t fear. Going in-store is probably a better option since you have the ability to actually try on the dress right away.

  1. Bloomingdale’s (https://www.bloomingdales.com)

Although this may be on the pricier side, these dresses are absolutely so beautiful, they are worth it. I tried on a few dresses last year from here, and they were gorgeous. Even though I didn’t end up buying them, they are still engraved into my brain. Usually during this time they have so many bright colors due to the spring season. It’s definitely worth the trip. The Bloomingdale’s at the South Coast Plaza is the best one to go to!

  1. Macy’s (https://www.macys.com)

I’m sure you haven’t set foot in Macy’s for awhile, and if you have, it was most likely because of your mom. Well, this prom season, I can guarantee you will be back inside this store. Macy’s is another perfect option because like other department stores, they have so many brands to choose from. They also always seem to be having some sort of sale, and you honestly might get lucky finding a dress from that as well.

  1. Cason Couture (https://casoncouture.com)

If you’re more of an extravagant and sparkly type of girl, this is the place for you. Cason Couture is online; however, they also have a store you can go to. You do need to make an appointment but then you don’t have to stress about looking inside of the mall with thousands of other people. If you’ve never shopped here before, this might be the right time to try something new.

If absolutely none of this helped, I might have one more option. Pinterest. Yes, you heard me. Go on Pinterest, and type anything into the search bar. Once you find something, usually the name, website, and style of the dress is in the comment section. If it is not, you can scroll down below and find similar options to the dress you are looking at.

Overall, I hope at least one person got some inspiration from this. Trust me, the perfect dress for you is out there. One more piece of advice, if you don’t absolutely love the dress, don’t buy it.

These girls look stunning in their dresses from last year’s prom. (Photo Provided by Juliana Ortiza ’23)


You can never go wrong with a stunning, blue, silk dress. (Photo Provided by Kendall Clarida ’23)