Rosary students head abroad!


Photo Credit: Allison Lillestol

Students head to England and Ireland for a one-week trip!

Allison Lillestol, Copy Editor

Rosary Academy students are preparing for a one-week trip across England and Ireland from April 6 to April 15. 

The trip provides an opportunity to explore the different parts of the countries and be immersed in the history and culture. 

The trip will include seeing major landmarks like Kensington palace, taking a beautiful tour of the Killarney coastline, and indulging in Ireland’s best cuisine.

Following an Easter Sunday mass, students get to see ABBA Voyage, a virtual ABBA concert in London.

Mr. Tice shared why he’s looking forward to the trip: “Trips like these are valuable because they give students a snapshot of life in a different part of the world, which is always good with helping our world view.”

The trip is a wonderful way for students to get outside of the classroom and immerse in all that Europe has to offer.   

If you didn’t make it this year, classes of ’24, ’25, ’26, and ’27 are welcome to the Paris and Spain trip taking place next spring. See Madame Neumann in room 104 for more details. 

Bon voyage Royals!