World Down Syndrome Day 2023


(Photo taken from Google via Creative Commons Licsense)

Brynn Beauchamp, Staff Writer

March 21st is World Down Syndrome Day! (Photo taken from Google via Creative Commons License)

Today is World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD)! Every year on March 21, people all across the world gather to celebrate and raise awareness for the rights and inclusion of those with Down Syndrome. Formally known as Trisomy 21, Down Syndrome is a genetic disorder within the chromosomes resulting in delays in growth and development.

After celebrations began to take place within small established organizations in various countries, the fight for an internationally recognized day began. These organizations quickly gained momentum until the United Nations finally recognized WDSD as a global awareness day in 2012. World Down Syndrome Day is annually commemorated on the 21st to signify the 21st chromosome being triplicated—the phenomenon that results in Down Syndrome.

Each year, WDSD is accompanied by a theme created to promote awareness for an issue or topic. The theme is chosen by Down Syndrome International (DSI), and it’s designed to cultivate the idea of a single voice within a global campaign. For 2023, the theme of WDSD is “With Us Not For Us,” which is a message created to promote the idea of inclusion over charity.

“With Us Not For Us” emphasizes the need to advocate with those who are affected by disabilities. (Photo taken from Google via Creative Commons License)

While today is specifically WDSD, this day promotes the rights and inclusion of people with various disabilities. Our society today still lingers on the stigma of reliance for people with disabilities—working to support caretakers rather than directly supporting these individuals. Disabled people are often denied the access to proper education, healthcare, and career opportunities. Deciding on the rights and freedoms of those with disabilities is unfair if those who are affected by disabilities are not given the opportunity to engage in the discussion.

Today we celebrate inclusion and equality alongside those with disabilities. If you have never immersed yourself into the special needs community, I encourage you to find an opportunity to do so. The experience will absolutely change your life for the better.

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