Celebrating Women’s History all year-round: Rosary’s Women’s History Class


Photo Credit: Allison Lillestol

The students behind the movement!

Alex Bohn and Allison Lillestol

In honor of Women’s History Month, the women’s history class at Rosary Academy is celebrating notable women and events that have shaped the world today. The semester class discusses women’s influence in society, their struggle to gain voting rights, and their success through the years. 

The teacher of the class, Mrs. Jenkins, shares what this class means to her and to the school: “A Women’s History class at an all-girls school makes so much sense! This class combines major historical events with a greater focus on women while also allowing for open discussions on women’s issues. Students at Rosary are able to feel comfortable sharing their opinions and experiences in this safe and supportive cohort that by the end of each semester has bonded over their experience in the class. It’s a truly transformative class that never disappoints!”

Students decorating one of their doors in honor of Women’s Rights Activist Selena Gomez. (Photo Credit: Allison Lillestol)

Not only does Mrs. Jenkins find the class inspiring, but so does senior Juliet Cortes: “As a woman, it’s nice to learn about women before me, and that I can also make the world a better place, just like they did.” Juliet has truly made a difference in the Rosary community, taking on several leadership positions in her past four years, and is continuously inspired by her peers in her Women’s History class. 

Not only has the Women’s History class learned about the significance of women’s achievements in America, but the class also displays what they’ve learned with their fellow Royals through their window art (Room 200). Students have spent the past 2 weeks decorating the windows of their classroom with a timeline of the history they have been learning in the past semester. The colorful collection of women’s achievements and fascinating illustrations are an eye catching and creative way to get a brief glimpse into the class.

Cali Gomez ‘23 explains one of the main accomplishments of the class: “Every semester, the class makes a project all together. This semester we’re making a children’s book about women through the decades.” This creative way of spreading women’s history to younger ages is a project that influences people in and out of the class.

A glimpse of the gorgeous window art the girls have been working on. (Photo Credit: Allison Lillestol)

Last semester’s women’s history class took a more active route for their project. Kendall Clarida ‘23 explains their project, or should I say motion: “For our Women’s History Semester Project, we chose to address Administration about letting girls into the Servite Asylum. We prepared a presentation over the course of several weeks and presented it to Rosary and Servite Admin. Servite explained that they want us in the Asylum and are moving to integrate us and make it known that we have a place with our Servite brothers.”

The women’s history class continues to make strides to bettering and educating their fellow Royals and future Royals to come. Make sure to pass by Room 200 to see their hard work!

Senior Layla Valenzuela excited about her class’s decorations. (Photo Credit: Allison Lillestol)