Can you guess what’s in your teacher’s lunch?


Discover the truth inside your teacher’s lunch pail. (Photo Credit: Kathleen Martinez)

Kathleen Martinez, Staff Writer

Every student takes on the stress of either making or buying their lunch for school daily. Often we forget that teachers have the same lunch struggles. In honor of all our struggles, I have put together a game to see if you can properly guess what your teacher’s go to meals are.

Mrs. Barclay ’94:

  1. A) Pizza, a bag of Cheetos, and some grapes.
  2. B) PB&J, a side of Ritz Crackers, almonds, graham crackers, and a granola bar.
  3. C) Uncrustables, an entire bin of blueberries, an apple, string cheese, and some candy.

Mrs. D’Alba:

  1. A) A pita wrap, corn tortilla chips, apples, and carrots.
  2. B) Pasta, cucumbers, strawberries, and popcorn.
  3. C) Beans, rice, sweet kale salad, and hummus with peppers.

Mr. Chavez:

  1. A) Whatever is in his cabinet, granola bars, and other snacks.
  2. B) A turkey sandwhich, chips, and some fruit.
  3. C) Chicken and rice.

Ms. Berry ’10:

  1. A) Sushi and chips.
  2. B) Soup and veggies.
  3. C) Pasta and an apple.

Mrs. Ward:

  1. A) Pasta with marina sauce, grapes, and a granola bar.
  2. B) A huge salad in a silver bowl.
  3. C) Yogurt with granola and fruit.

Mr. Bevins:

  1. A) PB&J, a yogurt, and a banana.
  2. B) Nothing.
  3. C) A salad, and an apple.


Mrs. Barclay: C, Mrs. D’Alba: C, Mr. Chavez: A, Ms. Berry: C, Mrs. Ward: B, Mr. Bevins: B.

Hopefully you were able to guess what your favorite teachers eat or had fun trying.