Red and Gold: why it matters


Why does Red and Gold matter to you? (Photo from @rosaryroyals on Instagram).

Adriana Arroyo, Assistaint Editor-in-Chief

Red and Gold, Rosary Academy’s most cherished tradition, has been celebrated for 53 years. Each year, the whole school is split in half, and students are randomly assigned to be on either Red Team, or Gold Team. Captains are chosen to take leadership roles in the following categories: choral, dance, drill, drama, fashion, media, historian, props, publicity, script, and stage tech, and together, students and captains work to create two amazing shows. Red and Gold, from start to finish, is an entirely student-run production, and showcases the unique visions, gifts, and talents among Rosary’s student body.

Red and Gold is a wonderful opportunity to explore new interests, and make friends. (Photo from @rosaryroyals on Instagram).

Although at its core, Red and Gold is a friendly competition, it’s also a unifying experience, and a wonderful way to explore personal interests or try something new. Before my freshman year, for example, I knew nothing about drill, but as the season progressed, I became a flyer for stunts, and danced my little heart out at every FLEX (Red and Gold practice) period. Even though that particular show was unfortunately cancelled due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, I made lasting memories, and met new friends to navigate and enjoy high school with.

Give Red and Gold all you’ve got. In just a few years, you’ll wish you had the chance to do it all over again. (Photo from @rosaryroyals on Instagram).

From then on, my love of Red and Gold flourished, and now as a senior, I’m on White Team–which mainly does behind-the-scenes work for both shows. My time on White Team has helped me blossom as a leader, and I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunities Red and Gold has provided me with. I’ve become a collaborator, I’ve developed a stage presence, and I’ve discovered a great love of seeing others come into their own as truly talented people.

Red and Gold matters in so many ways, but most importantly, it matters because the experience is what you make of it. By giving your ‘all’ during the six weeks leading up to the show, you exercise initiative and hold yourself accountable for tackling a fun challenge. When you put your game face on for performance weekend, you show others just how hard you’ve worked, and what winning beside your Red or Gold sisters means to you. When you win or lose with kindness and grace, you embody a true Rosary Royal, and take pride in your efforts–no matter the end result.

In an attempt to curb the soapiness and avoid wiping tear drops from my keyboard (as this is, unfortunately, my last Red and Gold), I’ll leave you with this–don’t take Red and Gold weekend for granted. Branch out in any way you can, strive to make new friends, and revel in every moment–the good and the bad. Leave a small piece of yourself in all you do, and most importantly, look back on your hard work with pride.

Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity, and please, give Red and Gold all you’ve got. In just a few years, you’ll wish you had the chance to do it all over again.