Celebrating Women’s History Month


Photo Credit: Allison Lillestol '23

Happy Women’s History Month, Royals!

Alex Bohn and Allison Lillestol

Though the halls are decked for Red and Gold, March has another very important meaning to our Royals — Women’s History Month. For this article, we compiled a short list of our favorite influential women in history, as well as a few shout-outs to Rosary for their dedication to supporting women.

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Elizabeth Cady Stanton was an abolition activist and advocated for Women’s Rights in the 19th century. She is most notably known for organizing Seneca Falls — the first Woman’s Rights convention. Her contributions largely contributed to further women’s suffrage. 

Joan Baez

Through her music, Joan Baez advocated for peace during the Civil Rights movement throughout the 1960’s. She was a spokesperson for the anti-war effort and attended the March on Washington —  a march to advocate for the rights of African Americans. At the march, she sang her song “We Shall Overcome” to support the fight for justice in America.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

RBG served as a Supreme Court Justice and was the second woman to be appointed, following Sandra Day O’Connor. She is known for her unrelenting work towards Women’s Rights and her outspoken fight against sexism. She also won five out of six Supreme Court cases, which has rarely ever been done before.

At Rosary, we have many different ways for students to learn how to best support women.

Women’s History Class

Rosary has started a cherished elective for their Royal students — Women’s History. In Women’s History, students learn about American women through the decades and their role in society. This elective is already beloved by the students at Rosary as a new way to get to know the impressive women of the past.

Period Chapter Club

Our journalism girls love celebrating women! (Photo Credit: Alex Bohn )

President Camila Zavala ‘23 took over the Rosary Period Chapter Club last year. She shares the club objective: “We work against period stigma and fundraise for women with period poverty in the Orange community.” As an all-girl Catholic school, we can fulfill a greater duty by serving women in need, and the Rosary Period Chapter Club is a great way to do it.

Women in Business Club

The Women in Business Club is dedicated to teaching members the basics of finance, business, and economics as a way to jump-start their involvement in the field – especially because of the lack of women involved in these fields. The Women in Business Club, run by Juliet Cortes ‘23, strives to provide students the tools to succeed in business. 

Make sure you take some time this month to find appreciation for the strong women in your life!