What’s your favorite halftime show?


Photo taken from @beyonce on Instagram

Emma’s quote perfectly encapsulates this performance for me.

Daniela Arias, Editor-in-Chief

You know the Rihanna merchandise made this year that said “Rihanna concert interrupted by a football game…weird but whatever,” yea, that was made for people like us.


By us, I mean the “performance people” of course. The people that are watching the first half of the Super Bowl in anticipation of the halftime show and then, once said halftime show ends, they politely see themselves out of the room.


In honor of the many cherished “performance people” that call Rosary and Servite home, I was able to interview some students and teachers to get to the bottom of what they consider the BEST halftime shows to be “interrupted by a football game.”


The question at hand: Out of the whopping 57 Super Bowl halftime shows, which has been your favorite and why?


Kate Rosales ’23: Shakira’s will always have a place in my heart because she and JLO are just great performers. It just made you want to get up and dance. AND, THE OUTFITS. They were so much fun! I love Riri, but Shakira and JLO just slay the competition!


Mrs. Flati: My favorite was probably last year’s with all the West Coast artists. There was a lot of movement, but 50 Cent being upside down in a house was a little too much for me. Overall, I liked it because it was a tribute to LA, the LA Rams, and the West Coast in general.


Bridgette Sanders ‘23: I CLAIM LADY GAGA.


Juliet Cortes ‘23: My favorite halftime show is Super Bowl 50 with Coldplay BECAUSE Beyoncé and Bruno Mars crushed it, stole the show, and featured songs like “Uptown Funk” and new songs from Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” album. With Beyoncé and Bruno’s good songs and dance moves, I thought it was spectacular and iconic.


Layla Langrell ‘23: Definitely Katy Perry’s show because I loved the outfit changes and the setlist!


Isaac Sanchez ‘23:  The Super Bowl halftime show last year was my favorite because they really dived into the LA music culture and chose people who are known for more than just music. Most of the artists who performed were also from LA.

Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, Mary J. Blige, and Snoop Dog, this was seriously star-studded. (Photo taken from @noticiastelemundo on Instagram)

Sam Guerrero ’23: I thought that last year’s Super Bowl halftime performance was great. From Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, 50 Cent, and Mary J. Blige, it really was a stacked show with each performer giving a lot of energy. It was fun to watch and made you want to dance and sing/rap along. It kept you on your feet throughout the whole show, and it was a great listen to since it incorporated not only the music tracks but a live band. Plus, not only was it a tribute to Dr. Dre and his contributions to the rap community and how he helped establish/inspire other musicians’ careers but it was also a tribute to Los Angeles. It was even more special since this was the first Super Bowl halftime show that included an all-star list consisting mostly of rappers which, despite the popularity and impact of hip-hop, had not been seen until last year. It was truly one for the books and one of the better halftime shows in my recent memory. Truly one worth your time to check out and dance to!


Charlotte Jordan ‘23: My all-time favorite Super Bowl halftime Show is the Coldplay/Beyoncé/Bruno Mars show. I have a strong affinity for Chris Martin, Beyoncé’s vocals and choreography were history-making, and Bruno Mars danced his short-king heart out. I don’t know if it can ever be topped.


Emma Silva ‘23: Beyoncé, Chris Martin, and Bruno Mars woke up and decided “Let’s change the course of space, time, and matter.” When I heard “Viva La Vida” start, my entire body starts ascending into the stratosphere. Seeing Chris Martin do his little dancey-dance next to Beyonce and Bruno Mars is so much more healing than any modern western medicine. The final song? Gosh, I become overwhelmed with feelings of love and patriotism. When I hear it, I just think “Man, why do we have hate in this world? We have so much love to give, we should care for our neighbor.”


Now, this is Latina POWER! (Photo taken from @shakira on Instagram)

Esther and Isabel Solorio ‘23: We’ve listened to Shakira growing up and just hearing that at the Super Bowl was surreal. It was also nice to hear Spanish music being played. We’re not sure if it was the first time they had Latina performers, but it felt like the first time.


Sophie Barisano ‘23: I mean, I just like Lady Gaga. It was the first one I remember watching to be honest. She sang “Born This Way,” and it was a banger.


So, from my research, it looks like the star-studded West Coast halftime show and the epic Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, and Chris Martin collab were some people’s favorites by far. So, what’s your favorite Super Bowl halftime show? Comment it down below!