Potluck food inspiration


Photo via Google under the Creative Commons license

We’re waiting for someone to bring in donuts this fancy.

Kendall Clarida and Layla Langrell

Nothing is more stressful than choosing what to bring for a potluck. You want to bring something that everyone will enjoy and that’s easy for you. We are here to give you a list of some of the best potluck foods you can bring.

1. Donuts

This is the best thing that you could bring to a potluck. Everyone loves them: they are easy to eat and don’t require utensils. There is most likely a donut shop on your way to school. These are always a hit and the first thing to go at a potluck.

2. Capri Suns

Capri Suns may not be food, but they are so important in a potluck. They are a refreshing drink that is perfect on the side of a bunch of junk food. There are also great because they are super convenient. You don’t need to bring cups like you would with other drinks.

 3. Chocolate Covered Strawberries

No picture can do these strawberries justice. They’re delicious! (Photo via Google under the Creative Commons license)

If you bring these, you are automatically going to have the best potluck. Senior Tori Bush brought them to our APES potluck this week and shared, “These are great, and the easiest thing to make. I always eat half of them before I bring them to school.” We are still thinking about her delicious chocolate-covered strawberries.

 4. Any Type of Fruit

At a potluck, there is always so much sugar and sweet foods, and sometimes, you need a palate cleanser. Fruit is the perfect way to do that. You can find fruit trays at any grocery store and have a great variety.

5. Chick-fil-a Nuggets

These are the most iconic potluck food. They may be inconvenient to get and sort of expensive, but you will automatically become the best, most-loved person at the potluck. They come in trays and are perfect for big groups.

These are arguably the best potluck foods, and we can’t wait for you to show everyone up with your superior treats!