Mrs. Langenwalter the fashionista


Pink is definitely Mrs. Langenwalter’s color. (Photo credit: Julianna Ortiz)

Julianna Ortiz, Staff Writer

So many teachers here at Rosary Academy have a unique trait that makes them stand out. For Mrs. Langenwalter, it is not only her great teaching, but also her amazing sense of style. When she taught my sophomore year world history class, my friends and I would be so excited to see what kind of jacket she would be wearing, or what shoes she might have on. Now that I am a senior, I had the pleasure of interviewing Mrs. Langenwalter on her stunning teacher fashion:

Q: Where do you get your fashion inspiration from?

A: I wouldn’t say that I have one particular person that has led to my choices in clothing, BUT I will say that growing up, I didn’t really embrace my style. My mom used to ask me “when are you going to start dressing like a girl?” because I wore sweatshirts and jeans every day of my life. When I became a teacher, I took inspiration from my students (if I am in the market for a new pair of sneakers, I typically buy a pair that I see my students wearing). Of course, I have some people I follow on social media where I dig their style, but I typically just pick and choose things I can see myself in for more than just a day, instead of completely copying their style and buying everything they advertise.

This stunning pink sweater is so perfect with her cream loafers. (Photo credit: Julianna Ortiz)

Q: Do you find it difficult to spice up your work attire?

A: YES! I tend to want to dress more casually (it’s the California, beach girl in me), so needing to dress “business professional” every day can become challenging. I’ve found that it makes my life easier to have 3-4 pairs of trusted black trousers, a stack of cozy sweaters, a few basic dresses, and a couple pairs of reliable, dressier shoes. I’ve also started to use this clothing rental website called FashionPass and it has helped with my work wardrobe tremendously! I typically rent 1-2 pieces of clothing a week to wear to work.

Mrs. Langenwalter is rocking this black and white color scheme. (Photo credit: Julianna Ortiz)

Q: Have you always been so stylish and into fashion?

A: I touched on this a little earlier, but the answer is no, not really. I’m actually honored that people think I have style today! I think the biggest thing that I embrace that has considered me “fashionable” is dressing for my body, for my lifestyle, and not really following trends. I’m truly a believer that if you’re comfortable in an outfit, you will appear happier and more confident, so that’s what I aim for- comfortability.  I also have to give a little bit of a shoutout to my husband who works in the retail industry and often brings home samples of clothing that I happily accept and work into my closet. We both have pretty curated wardrobes, so it’s fun to bond over fashion and style.

Q: If you were a student, how would you dress up the uniform to fit your personal style?

A: The Rosary uniform, in my opinion, is already so cute. BUT, if I were a student, I think I’d rely heavily on my shoe game. When I look at someone’s outfit, I ALWAYS look at their shoes first. I think shoes say a lot about a person. My sneaker collection is larger, so I think I’d change up my sneakers daily with my uniform pending on the polo or sweatshirt, or skirt I’m wearing. I’m also a firm believer in switching up earrings daily and having them match my outfit. The same goes for any other accessories like rings or hair scrunchies.

Mrs. Langenwalter also shared, “In high school, we had to come up with a 6-word memoir and mine was: ‘Life is short, buy the shoes’- and I think that says a lot about me.” I don’t know about you, but when I grow up, I hope to be just like Mrs. Langenwalter: fashionable with a big shoe collection.

Creating fashionable outfits every day of the week is not an easy task, but somehow Mrs. Langenwalter seems to exceed the expectations every single time. So, if any Rosary students or faculty are in need of a little inspiration on how to dress up your daily outfits or up your shoe game, you should definitely look at Mrs. Langenwalter’s amazing outfits.