My favorite Grammy performances


Harry’s Grammy performance outfit was fabulous. (Photo from @recordingacademy on Instagram).

Adriana Arroyo, Assistaint Editor-in-Chief

This past Sunday, the 65th annual Grammy awards took place in sunny Los Angeles, California. From Taylor Swift to Jay Z, some of the biggest stars were in attendance, and many performed.

Steve Lacy was all smiles after a great performance and a big win. (Photo from @recordingacademy on Instagram).

Heartthrob and Album of the Year recipient, Harry Styles, played his hit song, ‘As it Was.’ Although the performance had a rocky start, Harry redeemed himself toward the end by nailing a choreographed dance and a high note. His shiny, fringed jumpsuit was also fabulous, and Harries across the nation were in love.

Kim Petras and Sam Smith had a fierce Grammy performance. (Photo from @recordingacademy on Instagram).

First-time Grammy winner Kim Petras and singer Sam Smith performed their new hit “Unholy,” which has recently blown up on Tik Tok. Although the performance was quite scandalous, to say the least, their vocals were on point. Not only that, but the two executed some pretty complicated choreography.

Steve Lacy sang “Bad Habit,” and in my opinion, was the best-sounding artist of the night. His vocals were perfection, and his leather outfit was iconic. Lacy also showcased his musical talent by playing the guitar. The biggest stars, including BeyoncĂ©, Taylor Swift, Kendrick Lamar, and H.E.R were all on their feet for his musical showcase.

Senior Trista Verne loved Harry’s performance, and said, “Although Harry seemed nervous, I think he did really well. I also loved his outfit.”

Sydney Rosario ’23 also enjoyed watching Steve Lacy, and shared, “I bought Steve Lacy tickets, and after seeing his Grammy Performance, I’m really excited to see him live. He sounded really, really good.”

Of all the Grammy performances, these three stood out the most. Like Sydney, I’m excited to see these artists live in the future, and really enjoyed watching the show.